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Farming, Equestrian & Rural Community Security Systems


For farmers, land-owners and residents of rural areas, the security of your property and assets is likely to have become a cause for concern.

It’s no surprise farm and rural security is a concern, with the cost of rural crime in the UK amounting to tens of millions of pounds every year.

Victims of rural crime commonly suffer from the theft of valuable tools, machinery, fuel and livestock – all of which criminals look to sell-on quickly for profit. Other crimes experienced include fly-tipping, vandalism and arson.

Increasingly, action is being taken to reduce the amount of rural crime taking place, such as targeted Police work and new safety campaigns, which focus on analysing criminal trends and encouraging rural communities to take better precautions.

Many have turned to improving their security measures as a way of deterring criminal activity and protecting their assets. The latest farm security systems are designed to alert you to any sign of criminal activity, and to act as a deterrent to help prevent you from being targeted in the first place. This alone can make security a worthwhile investment.

Our range of farm and rural security solutions include:

  • Alarm systems (garage alarm/shed alarm/barns)
  • Fire protection systems
  • Video alarm monitoring
  • Real-time, high definition f arm security cameras
  • ANPR – Automatic Number plate Recognition
  • Gate entry systems (gate intercom systems/automated gates/electric gate lock)
  • Perimeter alarm system/driveway alarm

What type of farm and rural security technologies are available?

Rural security solutions take into account the fact these areas are often remote, and can suffer from a lack of infrastructure. To combat this, there are now systems available for farm security that use wireless technology which requires no mains power or connectivity. A combination of intruder detection with a farm alarm, outdoor security cameras and lighting products are being installed to protect perimeters, storage buildings and vulnerable assets. Video alarms with built-in, motion sensing cameras can even send you instant footage as soon as any suspicious activity is detected.

Security systems linked to 24-hour monitoring services ensure you and your keyholders are informed immediately of an alarm activation, so the right response can be initiated fast. You can also choose to have your systems linked to the Emergency Services, who can attend directly under certain conditions. It is also worth considering a professional keyholding company who can attend alarm activations on your behalf – this minimises risk to you when responding to an activation.

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