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CCTV Video Redaction

Secure CCTV Redaction and CCTV Pixilation service: conceal faces, distinguishing features, registration plates, screens, written notes and much more from CCTV footage.

Professional, in-house video and CCTV redaction services

We offer professional, in-house video and CCTV redaction and editing services for footage from camera-related surveillance equipment including:

  • CCTV;
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR);
  • body worn video (BWV);
  • unmanned aerial systems (UAS); and
  • other systems that capture information of identifiable individuals or information relating to individuals.

Since the GDPR came into force there has been a rise in the number of SARs (Subject Access Requests) from individuals. Often overlooked, is the need, where necesary, for masking / pixilation of third parties in footage not related to the SAR.

Our CCTV redaction service is prompt and detail-focused. We provide expert knowledge to help you meet your privacy needs to help you mitigate risks and achieve compliance.


What is CCTV Video Redaction?

CCTV Video Redaction involves obscuring identifying information within individual video frames.

Our CCTV redaction services involve anonymising people or any identifiable information in video footage, which can include faces, vehicle registration plates, identifying clothing, tattoos, house numbers, notepads and computer / mobile phone screens. This information will be blurred out or pixelated through our service.


Why do you need to redact CCTV footage?

In some cases, redaction of third party individuals in CCTV or video footage is required because of the privacy intrusion which would result if they are identified or identifiable.


Why Choose Advanced Overwatch for CCTV Redaction?

As Data Controllers (CCTV Operators) it is important that our clients understand the principles of the information protection regulations and failure to comply could result in reputational damage, a fine, or legal action.

Save Time

We have an expert understanding of the GDPR, Data Protection Act 2018 and other privacy legislation requirements and how compliance should be achieved.

Reduce Costs

Our team has extensive, hands-on CCTV experience and data privacy and information security knowledge, to ensure a fast, smooth and cost-effective service. We host the specialist high-value software and hardware in-house.

Achieve Compliance

Our solutions are clearly communicated, to help you understand how best to fulfill a redaction request.


Secure, UK CCTV Video Redaction service

CCTV should be securely stored, and access should be granted to authorised individuals only. Under GDPR, as a data processor, our CCTV redaction services meet all mandated written contractual requirements, giving our clients confidence that our services will meet any internal or external audit requirements.

When utilising our CCTV Video redaction service, our clients benefit from highly secure storage – end-to-end encryption (at rest and in transit). Access to client footage is restricted on a least privileges basis and treated confidentially. We perform all redaction services in-house, using vetted employees. On service completion, following secure delivery and receipt of client footage all footage is erased using military-grade electronic ‘shredding’.

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