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Healthcare Industry Surveillance and Security Solutions


Advanced Overwatch has a strong background in delivering powerful security, camera systems and recording solutions to customers within the healthcare industry, including clinics, hospitals, private practices, and pharmacies.

As well-established security integrators, we are well aware of the security threats common to the industry and build systems that help protect against theft, dishonest employees and vandalism.

Our systems are just one component of what we provide — our services incorporate advanced project consulting, wireless network design, site security evaluations, installation support, and configuration.

We will work with you from the beginning to ensure your video surveillance system is specifically tailored to your healthcare business or organisation. Hospitals and healthcare systems present many challenges that require proven, integrated solutions. The healthcare industry is one of the most highly regulated of all industries.

Often it is not just one building; health systems and hospitals can have multiple sites and may involve multiple facilities spread out over a large geographical area or region. Patient, visitor, and staff safety and security is always a major concern. Managing access to the facility with no inconvenience or disruption can be difficult.

Common issues include equipment theft, managing restricted access and false accident claims to name but three, all of which are preventable with an integrated solution from Advanced Overwatch.

Below are some of the benefits of opting for healthcare surveillance solutions from Advanced Overwatch:

  • Scalable systems can be expanded as needed
  • Keep patients’ records and identities safe
  • Ensures staff are meeting health and safety standards
  • Allows for remote monitoring from a smartphone or tablet
  • Prevents intruders from gaining access to restricted areas
  • Deters vandalism and other criminal acts
  • Increases safety for patients and staff

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