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Warehouse and Logistics Security Solutions


Reduce theft and vandalism while improving warehouse security with an IP video surveillance system.

Warehouses and storage facilities are ideal candidates for video surveillance systems. Large facilities spread out over extensive complexes can be challenging to secure.

With the help of carefully planned and placed security systems, warehouse owners and managers can focus on at-risk areas and minimise the threat of theft.

Our integrated security solutions for warehouse and logistics operators include an array of services in the alarm and security spaces such as intrusion detection and burglar alarms, access control systems, video surveillance security, fire detection and fire alarms. In addition, we provide remote managed services such as monitored CCTV and alarms to fully support your business operations.

Our warehouse and logistics security specialists help put the right security systems in place to protect your people, inventory, cargo and profits.

Our comprehensive fleet management solutions help you control fuel costs, manage drivers and provide valuable business intelligence.

Benefits of a warehouse and logistics security system by Advanced Overwatch:

  • Theft/Vandalism – Cameras can be appealing targets for thieves who do break in. Although it’s rare that a a warehouse security camera will be stolen, a missing camera can cause disruptions or damage to your surveillance system. Our solutions are fully vandal proof and we can offer off-site recording so that your footage is secure.
  • RFID – Manage and monitor the flow of stock and employees.
  • Remote video surveillance – Monitoring of your fixed and mobile assets both in the warehouse and out on the road.


In addition we also offer:

  • Intrusion alarms for fixed and mobile assets
  • Fire and life safety systems to protect people and property
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Alert notification service to alert and communicate with personnel wherever they are

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