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Industry Solutions

From retail to schools, businesses, transportation, and manufacturing, learn how Advanced Overwatch can help your business.

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    From helping retail stores curb theft to improving security in schools and hospitals, Advanced Overwatch systems improve safety and peace of mind in any environment.

    With the wide variety of the security systems and solutions we have available you can monitor inside and outside your buildings, protect against theft, ensure your IT and electrical requirements are met and that your buildings and locations are certified against fire and intruders with our range of alarm systems.

    Featured Industries

    Learn how our systems can help in a wide range of industries including industrial, construction, and transportation, and get some tips on what to look for specifically for your industry’s needs.

    Commercial Business Security Solutions

    Commercial Businesses
    From small offices to large businesses with multiple locations, keep your staff safe and prevent theft of expensive equipment with a video surveillance system or alarm. Businesses can use these systems to monitor worker safety, deter potential vandals, and record any workplace incidents.

    Construction Security
    Construction sites can face a unique range of security issues, including accidents, vandalism, and theft of raw materials such as wood, steel, copper pipes and wire. Installing an expertly planned construction security system throughout the site is a critical step for ensuring safety and security.

    Critical Infrastructure
    Modern-day video surveillance systems provide numerous benefits to the critical infrastructure industry, such as safety monitoring and remote off-site access to cameras from a mobile phone or tablet. We utilise cutting-edge security camera solutions that help mitigate threats.

    Education Security Systems
    Keep students, staff, and volunteers safe at school, both in the buildings and surrounding grounds, with a CCTV Surveillance, Access Control or Alarm and Fire System.

    Farm Security Systems
    We offer robust rural and agricultural Security solutions with our range of industry and police approved Farm Security Alarm Systems, you can protect all areas of your farm and be notified instantly if there is an intruder.

    Whether you’re monitoring government buildings, public parks and facilities, or protecting staff and inmates at prisons, many government agencies use IP video surveillance. Using a secure network makes your video surveillance system secure, so your files will be protected.

    An IP video surveillance system can help keep your doctors, staff, and patients safe and secure in hospitals and protect expensive medication at pharmacies. For larger healthcare systems with multiple locations, manage all your cameras, telecommunications and access control with centralised software.

    From hotels and crowd management at sporting events to protecting expensive exhibits at museums, Advanced Overwatch system have many uses. Easily manage multiple cameras and locations with video management software and mobile viewing apps, so you’re connected to the system from anywhere.

    Monitor worker safety, control access to secure areas and protect against theft and fire in your industrial warehouse, factory, farm, or construction sites with the benefits of Advanced Overwatch. Even when you’re working off-site, stay connected to the system with remote and mobile viewing apps for telecoms, security and alarms from computers, smartphones, and tablets.

    Protect expensive machines, raw materials, and manufacturing equipment with secure and durable security systems. Our range of surveillance systems can also monitor employees for safe use of heavy machines, and to record what happened in a workplace accident for reports if an employee is injured.

    Property Management
    Easily monitor multiple properties with a video surveillance system, customised to include indoor and outdoor, day and night cameras so you can record anywhere. If anything happens on your property, view the video with mobile viewing apps for smartphones and tablets. Protect against intruders and fire and find out more about our keyholding services for vacant properties and after-hours services.

    Restaurants, Cafés and Bars
    From small local cafés and neighborhood bars to large restaurants, a security system will help you monitor and protect employees and customers. Even when you’re not at the business, you can stay connected with mobile viewing apps on smartphones and tablets.

    From improving the safety of staff and customers, monitoring crowds, or people/footfall counting, video surveillance is used by many retail locations. Multiple cameras can monitor the interior and exterior, tills, and stock rooms. Advanced Overwatch management software makes it easy to supervise all the CCTV feeds and also including fire, intruder and incoming and outgoing telecoms.

    With millions of commuters every day, video surveillance and security is an essential part of protecting people on buses, in airports, in train stations, and more. Wireless systems allow you to install cameras in remote locations, and local recording saves files directly on site or can be monitored via a 24/7 control room.

    From the expensive products they store to the large layouts, warehouses have many reasons to ensure they have the correct security, fire and alarm systems in place. Use your system to monitor employees at your site, keep watch over expensive inventory, and ensure safety regulations are followed. With monitoring apps for computers, smart phones, and tablets, you can easily stay connected from anywhere.

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