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Dahua Technology launch of FACT series face recognition access control terminal

Over 65.8 million reported cases and 1.5 million deaths globally  due to COVID-19, the pandemic has casted a shadow on almost everyone in the world. The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Weekly Epidemiological Update and Weekly Operational Update by WHO gives a hint that the situation might not recover any time soon. Read more

Multi-Sensor Megapixel Cameras Redefine Camera Density Requirements

Surveillance systems which cover the extent of your facility are crucial in order to protect your assets and provide extremely important business data. Cameras are the foundation of any surveillance system and for the highest functionality it is important to provide the most camera coverage that is possible. This however, doesn’t require a higher camera count. It is important to consider the value of each individual camera and performance which it delivers, when looking at the density requirements of your camera installation. Businesses require security systems which perform to the highest of standards, therefore these cameras must have the resolution which would recognise faces and license plates, read numbers well and observe customer activity. Standard cameras provide 300,000 pixels per camera, while megapixel cameras provide atleast 1.3 million pixels per camera. Multi-sensor cameras have the ability to provide up to about 16 million pixels by combining several imaging sensors, therefore they can cover a greater distance while delivering higher performance and more capability, requiring lower camera densities to be built into the systems.

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Importance of Intelligent Video for Retailers

As online shopping becomes highly popular, retailers which sell in-store only find it challenging to compete against their virtual counterparts, and are looking for any advantage which they can find in order to help them grow revenues while still addressing security challenges such as inventory loss due to shoplifting or internal thievery. Intelligent video surveillance solutions can help business owners drive sales, optimise results and improve customer satisfaction, by introducing new technologies and analytics which helps retailers to easily tailor the solutions to fit their business and security requirements, and helps business owners gain more insight.

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Choosing the Best Lens

Mostly all security cameras used nowadays have an integrated, matched lens, yet integrated-lens cameras still require interpretation of conditions specific to the security application, as well as an understanding of the camera’s capabilities.

The horizontal Field of View (FOV) is dictated by the distance of the lens from the image sensor, therefore before deciding how many megapixels you need, you must consider what the FOV should be and once you’ve determined where to install the camera and figured out what the FOV is, you should consider the resolution which you require, based on the distance from the subjects.

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What is WDR?

What is WDR?

A dynamic range is the the ratio between the largest and smallest measurable quantities of something. In the case of video surveillance, the dynamic range is the ratio between the lightest and darkest elements of the image. WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology is great for high contrast scenes, which balances the brightness and shaded areas simultaneously so that an image doesn’t appear blown out or too dark.

Decibels (dB) are the value in which dynamic range is measured. IHS defines WDR at 60 dB or greater, though it’s not uncommon to see WDR cameras with capabilities of 120 dB or more. While comparing product datasheets, it is possible that a camera with a lower ratio outperforms a competitor with a higher dB ratio. Read more

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