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CCTV Security for school and educational locations

Not surprisingly, holidays, weekends and when a school is unoccupied are the most common time for school break-ins and vandalism. Without the watchful eye of staff and coming and going of students, there is little to deter perpetrators. Read more

Is your CCTV or Alarm due for an upgrade?

The most sophisticated and reliable home security system is one that is monitored and has been custom designed by industry professionals, in line with your home and lifestyle needs. However, if your security system is a few years old, it may be time to review it to ensure you’re benefiting from the latest technology and features that can take your home security to the next level. Read more

Why should I get a monitored security system?

When you are deciding on a security system, it can be hard to choose between a professionally monitored system or a DIY model from the local shop or online. While DIY cameras and alarms may seem like a cheaper alternative, they do not include the back-up support if the alarm is triggered, won’t be recognised by your insurance and in the event of court proceedings can be thrown out as not certified by an installation company.
Read more

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