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Privilege to join Band of Builders for first project in Ireland – Kevin’s Project

Last week our entire team had the privilege of joining Band of Builders for their first every project in Ireland. We provided internal and external CCTV, Intruder Alarm, data networking and electrical.

To see the change this project will make to Kevin and his family is truly humbling and we wish the family well with the new additions to their home.

View the story on the BBC News website: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-northern-ireland-62237388

Background to this project:

Kevin was a hard-working and enthusiastic brick layer turned contractor from toomebridge Northern Ireland, who has been living with a significant disability. His wife Margaret has adopted the role of his primary carer.

In 2011 aged 54, Kevin began to notice difficulty walking, talking and swallowing. These symptoms progressed aggressively over a period of 8 months leaving doctors puzzled and his family in a state of distress. Following a long admission with countless investigations, eventually he was given the devastating diagnosis of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML). This extremely rare condition has almost never occurred in a previously healthy individual. It causes irreversible brain damage and has no successful treatment to date, usually resulting in death within a year of diagnosis.

Despite defying the odds and surviving, Kevin’s disease has destroyed his life. It has stripped him of his independence and resulted in insurmountable financial pressure, as Kevin was the sole earner for his family of eight. Instead of enjoying retirement, he is bed bound, fed via a tube and has incomprehensible speech. Thankfully, Kevin’s mind and cognition were spared allowing him to enjoy watching his six children grow up. His 24 hour care has been provided by his devoted wife, Margaret and community support for the past 10 years.

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In an emotional thank you in front of nearly 100 BoB volunteers, suppliers of materials, local businesses and well-wishers, Margaret said that the new sunroom will be life-changing for Kevin, a 65-year-old father of six who was initially told his life expectancy could be as little as three months.

“Words can’t explain how grateful we are for what Band of Builders has done – he can not only look out on the garden but can also go outside, thanks to the wheelchair access,” said Margaret. “This is life-changing and makes a massive difference to his quality of life.”

“As a former builder himself, Kevin said that the quality of the work is first class and the team on site have been brilliant. And the finishing touches, such as the new monitoring system and Advanced CCTV System, mean that I can check on Kevin from anywhere in the house.”

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Who are Band of Builders?

Band of Builders is a registered charity that provides help and support for tradespeople and their families facing adversity due to illness, injury and life-changing circumstances. Band of Builders is the story of what happens when people unite to help others.

It started with one man’s desire to help his friend in his hour of need and has grown into a national Charity run by tradespeople, for tradespeople.

When Addam Smith’s mate Keith Ellick was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Addam wanted to do something – anything – to make his life a little bit easier. A plan to landscape his garden captured won the support of his fellow tradesmen and saw the project grow into a full-scale renovation of Keith’s house carried out by volunteers from across the country.

From there Band of Builders has been unstoppable, uniting members of the construction industry through the simple desire to help others.

To find out more about Band of Builders and how you can support this amazing charity, visit:




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