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Solutions by Technology Used

Learn how securing your business, organisation or home with Advanced Overwatch can bring you peace of mind and improve management.

Perhaps you want to learn more about loss prevention, employee safety, or operations monitoring. Our Application pages summarise some of the many ways in which Advanced Overwatch security solutions can be utilised.

With the wide variety of the security systems and solutions we have available you can monitor inside and outside your buildings, protect against theft, ensure your IT and electrical requirements are met and that your buildings and locations are certified against fire and intruders with our range of alarm systems.

Featured Security Solutions by Technology Used

Learn how our systems can help in a wide range of industries including industrial, construction, and transportation, and get some tips on what to look for specifically for your industry’s needs.

Prevent Theft
It makes good sense for any business or home owner to use surveillance to prevent the financial loss and inconvenience that is caused by theft – no matter how many employees you have or what type of workplace you operate. The use of CCTV is effective in preventing the theft of cash, materials, office equipment, products, stock and more.

Prevent Fire
Smoke and Fire Alarms are crucial elements in the early detection of fires. Smoke and toxic fumes spread through a property faster than flames. They are especially hazardous and can cause respiratory burns, lightheadedness, nausea, confusion, and sleepiness. Smoke inhalation is the primary cause of death for fire victims.

Remote CCTV monitoring solutions

Remote & Mobile Monitoring
As a business owner, one of your top priorities is protecting your property against theft and break-ins as well as dishonest employees. Thanks to advancements in security technology, you can rely on remote security experts to monitor your system live and react quickly to any activity on your site.

facalities cctv monitoring solutions

Facility Protection
Secure the perimeter of your property with HD IP video surveillance cameras to thwart trespassers and create a safer environment. Protecting your facility with security cameras plays a critical role in improving operations and preventing criminal acts while also creating a chain of evidence should an incident occur.

Monitor Operations with a security cctv solution by advanced overwatch

Operations Monitoring
Stay connected to your daily operations by monitoring them with your surveillance system. This allows you to manage store lines, employee activities, and streamline workflow based on live or recorded video footage of your business or organisation during working hours.

till theft security solutions

Loss Prevention
If your business stocks expensive equipment or handles large amounts of merchandise or cash, it is important to protect those assets. You can quickly log into the system if any alarms are triggered on locked doors to see what happened, and identify the possible thief with an HD IP camera solution from Advanced Overwatch.

Vandalism Deterrence video surveillance cameras are often a deterrent to vandals

Vandalism Deterrence
Visible video surveillance cameras are often a deterrent to vandals because of the possibility they can be identified on the video. Using HD cameras for facial recognition and a camera in a durable vandal-proof housing, you can protect your home, business, or office from damage.

CCTV Increased employee safety

Employee Safety
Stay in compliance with safety regulations by investing in video surveillance system for your business or organisation. Increased employee safety can also protect the employer from frivolous employee claims by giving an impartial view of an incident.

Event Video Surveillance

Event Video Surveillance
Video surveillance can help enormously with crowd control as well as prevent crime by providing security staff with real-time images from an event. Zoom in on suspicious behavior before it becomes a problem with modern IP HD surveillance systems combined with manned guarding and our other extensive security solutions.

Parks, communities, and neighborhoods — all public spaces — should be outfitted with video surveillance systems to help deter crime and enhance public safety.

Public Safety
All Public spaces including parks, residential areas and town centers should be outfitted with video surveillance systems to help deter crime and enhance public safety. Policing can also view video directly from their smartphones, enabling quicker response times.

Outdoor cameras are designed to withstand harsh weather, and HD cameras can clearly record even fast moving cars in challenging light

Traffic Monitoring
Monitoring traffic, whether it’s to count the cars passing through or to improve the flow of traffic for better travel times, can be a challenge. Outdoor cameras are designed to withstand harsh weather, and HD cameras can clearly record even fast moving cars in challenging light and when combined with ANPR and vehicle tracking can offer a chain of evidence.

Internet Security Camera Systems
IP, or internet protocol, video surveillance cameras use the power of internet networking to send and receive data. This makes them effective to install and connect to your new or existing system, and you can view live camera feeds at any time, from any connected location around the world with free mobile apps for PC/Mac, smartphones and tablets.

Outdoor Perimeter Security
Outdoor perimeter security can be maintained in a variety of ways including guards who walk the grounds, locked gates and entrances with alarms, and surveillance solutions to monitor the grounds. Using one or all of these solutions together will be a key part of increasing your business security, a central tenant to reducing the risk your business faces from crime.

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