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What is CCTV system design?

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Our CCTV System Design Process

By creating a CCTV system design, our customers can make informed decisions that result in the installation of a CCTV system that meets functional and operational requirements. As our CCTV systems normally form part of a multi-layered security approach, our system design begin with a comprehensive needs assessment to ensure security risks and mitigation plans are identified. Clear requirements, a comprehensive site survey, and proper equipment selection and installation are considered when we visit a customer location to carry out a survey.

Read on to find out what factors we consider when installing an Advanced Overwatch CCTV system for our customers.


Defining System Requirements

In order for us to properly implement a CCTV system for our customers, site-specific characteristics need to be assessed by a knowledgeable multidisciplinary member of staff. When you book your free security survey with us a member of staff will visit your location. This is critical to identifying key functional and operational requirements. Functional requirements consist of determining the area of surveillance, such as a perimeter area or an access point. Operational requirements define what information your CCTV system will be expected to provide given the existing operating conditions.


What will you assess for me?

A thorough risk and needs assessment will be conducted to identify locations or assets that will benefit from a CCTV camera system as part of an overall security approach. A data impact assessment will also be carried out to ensure that any proposed system is compliant with Data Protection and GDPR regulations. Our needs assessment gathers and analyses four sets of requirements: functional, operational, infrastructure, and video retention.

  • Functional requirements – We will plan camera coverage needs such as surveillance of perimeters, parking areas, and storage areas. If internal CCTV is to be captured we will assess the areas which are of importance. We will also assess areas of approach to a premises, and spaces within, buildings or other structures.
  • Operational requirements – We will plan the capabilities of the CCTV system components that will enable it to provide the expected information under all operating conditions. Conditions we consider in the operational environments include day and night operations, lighting, weather conditions, and temperature changes.
  • Infrastructure requirements – We will define what cabling, wireless networks, and power sources, to name a few, will be necessary to successfully implement an integrated CCTV system to our customers property.
  • Video retention requirements – We will discuss and plan what storage requirements are most suitable and which type of recording should be used such as motion only or constant recording.


Why is a CCTV site survey necessary?

A CCTV system’s effectiveness can be enhanced when integrated with access control, intrusion detection, or a burglar alarm system. Successful installation and also integration requires a comprehensive site survey which supports the development of detailed equipment specifications, installation design, and ultimately a thorough system test. We believe that our customers benefit from receiving the most informed options and our site surveys eliminate as much as possible any unforeseen issues when a survey is not carried out which can cost additional money. A site survey ensures we can present a proper quote.

Our site survey addresses all aspects of specifying and building a customers CCTV system and it is an integral part of defining the requirements for discrete tasks and the role of each piece of equipment. Whenever possible, CCTV systems should be included in the planning and design stage of any new asset to ensure all necessary infrastructure requirements are adequately incorporated into the overall facility or asset design.

The result of a comprehensive survey of the area in which a CCTV system is to be installed or upgraded provides input to the requirements and design process before your quotation. Considerations inherent in a site survey include the layout, light levels, camera and lens selection and location, and power and data transmission.


System Layout Considerations

A key input to the design and specification of the layout of an outdoor CCTV system for our customers is the site survey team’s collection and analysis of photographs. Images can be obtained from a wide variety of sources such as google maps, images provided by customers and images taken on-site.

Interior surveys are similar to exterior surveys. Photographs can be replaced with scaled computer aided drawings or blueprints of the location being surveyed. These can be used to mark potential camera site locations to identify the necessary coverage of access points, critical assets, and desired fields of view.


CCTV System Design Considerations

CCTV System design considerations include factors such as lighting, power, cabling, and cost. These factors are important in the design and layout of a CCTV system. In addition to these factors, camera types, lenses, monitors, multiplexers, broadband and other components are also important considerations.


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