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Benefits of Security Systems during Lockdown

With the vast majority of business premises now closed across the UK and Ireland, as a result of the COVID-19 Lockdown we offer security systems and ways in which business owners can best ensure that their property is protected during these exceptional times.

The outbreak of the Coronavirus and the need for social distancing, has led to all but essential workers now working remotely from home which means that across the country, factories and offices, bars and restaurants, sports and leisure venues and a host of other buildings are now lying empty.

What we Offer

  • CCTV and Alarm Systems:

Installing a CCTV system over a Lockdown period will instantly act to deter criminals and theft. Intruders look for easy targets that will draw little attention to themselves. Seeing a CCTV system installed at your business site will encourage them to move on to a new target, as they will not want to be caught on camera. Effective for both external and internal security, CCTV cameras can deter internal theft by leaving no area unmonitored. Having the cameras visible inside your premises will also show the intruder that your business is serious about security.

  • Remote Monitoring

As a company who provides, installs and monitors Security systems, while you and your staff are furloughed, we can provide monitoring for your premises.
This means we would have 24/7 access to your Security systems and be able to make you aware in the case of anything happening within your premises, while your business is shut during the Lockdown period and your staff are furloughed.

We can link into a company’s CCTV, Intruder and Fire Alarms to monitor remotely thus ensuring appropriate Police response to alarm activations, the recording of evidence via visual confirmation, and importantly, the ability to engage live with intruders through audio systems without the risk that comes with facing down intruders in person. 

  • Access Control Systems

Access control systems offer security to a business, home or premises by offering flexible and convenient control to a building or area to anyone who is authorised and restricting access to unauthorised people. An access control system can be used on a door, gate, lift, barrier, any entry point or on multiple entry points to control who enters and leaves a property. They protect people, an area, belongings and systems inside a property as well as the property itself and they also enable you to monitor who is entering and leaving at any time.

We would advise you to remove any access permission that is not required during these times as it can easily be restored when you are fully operational again.


Why is it important for Businesses to have Security Systems during Lockdown?

 Deter Vandalism 

Vandalism can also be deterred by the presence of a CCTV system. Criminals don’t want to be caught, so are likely to move on to a new target if they think they will be caught on camera committing a crime. Make sure that your CCTV cameras are visual and cover the key, if not all, areas of your site for maximum protection against vandalism.


Provides Camera Footage for Evidence

Your business CCTV system can help to identify criminals and bring them to justice. Capturing your intruder or suspicious activity on camera is worth more than just sounding an alarm. Whether you invest in a HD or IP security camera system, the footage gained can be used in evidence when prosecuting criminals.

Security systems can help crimes to be solved more easily. The evidence provided from your CCTV footage includes:

  • The time the incident took place
  • The location inside or outside the premise where the incident occurred
  • Audio and visual evidence such as faces, clothing worn, etc.

The police or relevant authorities will be able to use the camera footage for evidence as well as help to identify wanted criminals.


Visibility of Entire Business Premises

With the Lockdown in place, you may be required to work from home which means you can’t keep an eye on your company.  This means you could use a CCTV system to make sure your business is kept safe and secure. Once your CCTV system is set up to cover your entire business premises, you will be able to have an overview of your entire site from one device, no matter where you are.


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