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The benefits of Penta-brid DVRs

One of the main challenges of converting analogue systems to HD is the variety of platforms which are found in older coax systems. Integrating IP cameras can be a difficulty with an existing cabled system. Not all DVRs suit all the difference platforms and it is important to find the right recording device, however configuring it can be another struggle.

The Ultra and Pro DVRs offer Penta-brid compatibility and deliver a streamlined, open-source recording solution and explore five additional reasons to embrace the newest additions to the HDCVI 3.0 group.

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Reasons to Use LPR Technology in Parking Lots

License Plate Recognition (LPR) is often spoken of as an application for collecting license plate data of vehicles travelling on highways and city streets. Parking lot management is a sometimes overlooked beneficiary of LPR technology. Parking lot management with LPR provides high return on investment for residential complexes, school campuses, retail parking lots with time restrictions, or any parking facility that would normally require a patrol to check for unauthorised vehicles. Read more

A Wise Choice: Dahua’s New WizSeries

Launched by Dahua Technology, WizSense is a series of AI products and solutions that adopt independent AI chip and deep learning algorithm. It focuses on human and vehicle with high accuracy, enabling users to fast act on defined targets. Based on Dahua’s advanced technologies, WizSense makes your video intelligent, simple and inclusive. WizSense delivers simplified analytics for accurate results and is beneficial for small installations. Read more

HDCVI Video for Banking and Casinos

For much of the history of surveillance, HDCVI analog video has been an important component of nearly every security system. With the ability to observe threats and record and store video, analog cameras were the first to help to mitigate risk from criminals, disruptive persons, and other threats. For many businesses, analog cameras are still continuing to perform these vital functions. Read more

How Active Alarm Works

When you install a security camera, it’s probably because you want to make sure that the areas under surveillance are crime-free. It will capture criminal activity and may even give you real-time alerts through a recorder or mobile notification. Though most security camera deployments are considered an act of deterrence, the camera won’t do anything on its own to prevent the crime from happening: it is passive. Active alarm changes this dynamic by serving as a configurable automatic response to a person or vehicle entering the camera’s field of view. The feature is similar to how residential night sensors work when someone walks into the area and the light illuminates. Now, rather than simply recording what’s happening, the camera can help stop what’s happening. It can prevent theft and illegal dumping, for example, or discourage people from entering restricted areas or parking in no-parking zones. Read more

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