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Winter Security Advice

During the winter months it is important to prioritise the safety and security of our business premises and homes.

As darkness falls earlier in winter, it becomes easier for burglars to take advantage of the longer nights and target unsecure properties. Installing a CCTV system can provide valuable surveillance, acting as a deterrent and helping identify any potential intruders. Additionally, consider upgrading your burglar alarm to ensure maximum protection for your property. With advancements in technology, we offer smart alarms that allow you to monitor your property remotely through our smartphone apps.

Access control systems are another crucial aspect of winter security. With more deliveries being made during the holiday season, it’s important to monitor who has access to your property. Installing an access control system such as keyless entry or biometric authentication can help keep unwanted visitors at bay. Remember, burglars often look for easy targets; even small steps like installing motion sensor lights or reinforcing doors and windows can drastically improve the security of your property during these dark months.

Winter is not only a time for festivities but also demands increased vigilance when it comes to security. By investing in modern technologies such as CCTV systems and smart alarms supplied and professionally installed by Advanced Overwatch, as well as implementing access control measures like keyless entry systems, you can significantly enhance the safety of your property.

For a free security survey and risk assessment with quotation call 02870878077. Northern Ireland wide coverage. Or email, sales@advancedoverwatch.com

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