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Traka21 Key Management System Gives Supervisors & Staff Key Control

Advanced Overwatch now offers the Traka21, a stand-alone key management system.

#Traka21 combines innovative RFID technology and robust design for to offer small and medium sized businesses the very latest in intelligent management of keys or keysets in an affordable plug and play unit.

Simple, efficient and cost-effective, Traka21 helps trace and account for every key or keyset, which are individually locked in place, ensuring that critical business operations are never jeopardised.


  • User, key and access rights administration
  • Multilingual functionality
  • Screen based audit trail and reporting capability or export via USB port
  • 21 robust, long-life iFobs with security seals
  • 21 locking receptors with LEDs
  • Robust and compact aluminium & ABS housing with no exposed hinges or obvious access points
  • Manual override and door release functions in case of emergency
  • Audible alarms


What does Traka21 do? 

Traka21 authorises, secures and monitors all keys, automatically controlling and recording when a key is used and by whom – information which is made available either through the cabinet’s display or by exporting on a USB pen drive.

Easy to operate, the user can simply enter a unique PIN code to gain access to the cabinet, with green LEDs indicating those keys to which this user has access. The user cannot remove keys highlighted by the red LEDs, which continue to remain locked in place.

To return the key, the user enters their PIN to access the cabinet again, and an amber light indicates the return position. Simple reports can be reviewed on the screen, and exported data such as audit trails can be viewed and manipulated on a computer using Excel or similar.


How is Traka21 a game changer? 

The mental image many of us conjure up when thinking about a key holder is one with a massive bunch of keysattached to their hip. That object, of course, is a key ring with dozens upon dozens of individual keys jangling against each other. Since security would be comprised by having one key allow access to multiple doors, there’s was once no alternative to this inconvenience. This was the case until Traka21 designed an innovative way to relieve a single property manager and allow multiple people to access keys.

Advanced Overwatch, which proudly carries SSAIB Certification for Access Control offer our customers the best-designed and most secure lock systems on the market for consumers.

The unique design elements of the Traka21 key management system and features available offer our customers a better, compliant way to distribute keys and track usage.

Below, readers will learn about new options that allow them to grant multiple people access to the same “key ring” cabinet.


Tools of the Trade

It’s unlikely that what worked five years ago at your building is still the best practice today. With that reality in mind, healthcare, motor trade and other sectors now have a better key management option with technology on their side.

When the job at hand is behind a locked door, it’s far quicker for designated workers to have access to a key management system like the Traka21. That’s because this stand-alone RFID-enabled PIN-access lock system gives each user a unique code. This code, entered via an exterior digital keypad, then allows access to 21 long-lasting iFobs that have security seals and locking receptors.


Straightforward Usage

The actual process of opening a key management system from Traka21 couldn’t be more straight-forward.


When a member of your staff arrives at the key cabinet, he or she will enter their unique PIN code.


This will open the cabinet’s door and reveal the keys inside. LED lights that are lit green will signify keys that are available to use; those that are red will remain locked in place and an amber light signifies a spot where the key can be returned.


In short, a worker entering their specific code will only be able to take away keys that were programmed to coincide with that code. This alleviates the need to have a worker with overarching clearance on-site or on-call at all times.

If broken down by floor or sector of a building, it will be easy to assign a certain worker to a certain job as all staff members will know who has access to specific keys, and importantly, who currently has keys checked out.


View a video demonstration of Traka21 in a Healthcare environment

Based in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, our team provide security systems installation across Northern Ireland.

Advanced Overwatch are an official Assa Abloy Partner, based in Northern Ireland. SSAIB Certified. To purchase a Traka21 system get in touch with our Traka21 product specialist.

Call us on: 02870878077 to find out more.

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