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Smart Security Solutions: Unveiling the Advantages of a High-Tech Burglar Alarm

Burglary, a word that strikes fear into the hearts of homeowners worldwide. The thought of someone invading our private sanctuary, stealing our cherished possessions, and violating our sense of security is enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine. But in this technologically advanced era, traditional burglar alarms seem outdated and ineffective at deterring the cunning and audacious criminals of today.

Enter the Advanced Overwatch burglar alarm systems – cutting-edge alarm solutions that combine state-of-the-art technology with innovative features to provide homeowners and business customers with unparalleled peace of mind. With its sleek design, smart capabilities, and user-friendly interface, our intelligent security system is smarter, faster and more secure than the outdated traditional alarm.


Peace of mind with Advanced Overwatch 

Intruder alarm installation from Advanced Overwatch may be just what you need to bring peace of mind and protect your property from unwanted intruders. Installing an intruder alarm not only acts as a deterrent but also provides immediate alerts in case of any unauthorised access.

One important aspect to consider when installing an intruder alarm is its compatibility with other security systems. Integration with CCTV cameras, access control systems, and remote monitoring can provide comprehensive surveillance for your property. Furthermore, modern intruder alarms come equipped with advanced features such as motion sensors and door/window contacts that can detect any movement or break-ins.


Choose the best burglar alarm system 

When it comes to choosing the right system, Advanced Overwatch are a professional installer and we will assess your specific needs and offer tailored solutions. We will analyse the layout of your property, identify potential weak points, and recommend the best alarm system that fits within your budget. With our expertise, you can be sure that your home or business will have maximum protection against burglaries or break-ins.

Advanced Overwatch burglar alarm sensors are not only highly accurate but also incredibly sensitive, detecting even the slightest disturbances or vibrations.


Key advantage 

One of the key advantages of an Advanced Overwatch alarm system is its ability to detect attempted break-ins at an early stage. With its high sensitivity, it can pick up on subtle signs of someone tampering with a door or window before any actual damage is done. This means that homeowners and business owners can take immediate action, such as activating alarms or contacting authorities, preventing potential losses and ensuring the safety of their premises.


Real-time burglar alarm alerts

Furthermore, our alarm systems offer real-time monitoring capabilities through our free alarm mobile app. Users can receive instant alerts and updates on any disturbances detected by the optical sensors, enabling our customers to respond promptly to any potential threats. This level of remote monitoring provides peace of mind, knowing that you’re always in control and aware of what’s happening around your property.



Frequently asked questions about our Burglar Alarm Systems:


1. How does a burglar alarm enhance security?

Our burglar alarm systems are idesigned to detect unauthorised entry into your premises, triggering a loud siren (110db) and alerting you, your neighbors and our professional monitoring service. This immediate response can deter burglars and give you peace of mind.


2. Will Advanced Overwatch burglar alarms prevent break-ins?

While no system can guarantee complete prevention, our burglar alarms significantly reduce the likelihood of break-ins. Its presence alone acts as a strong deterrent, making potential thieves think twice before targeting your property.


3. Are there any additional benefits to having an Advanced Overwatch burglar alarm?

Absolutely! Besides deterring burglars, our modern systems offer features like fire detection, carbon monoxide monitoring, and remote access control. These added benefits further protect your home, business and loved ones from various risks.


4. Do I need professional installation for a burglar alarm?

Professional installation ensures that the system is correctly set up and functioning optimally. It is often a requirement of Insurance providers for customer premises as the company should be SSAIB or NSI accredited. Professional installation from Advanced Overwatch guarantees that all components are installed in strategic locations for maximum effectiveness and in accordance with BS EN Standards. A certificate of compliance will be issued to all clients on completion.


5. Will my pets trigger false alarms with a burglar alarm?

Our modern burglar alarms come equipped with pet-friendly sensors that can distinguish between an intruder’s movements and those of your furry friends. These sensors minimise the chances of false alarms caused by pets.


6. Can I monitor my burglar alarm remotely?

Yes! Our burglar alarms now offer remote monitoring through smartphone apps or computer software. This allows you to arm/disarm the system, receive alerts, and even view live video feeds from our security cameras wherever you are.


7. Is it worth investing in Advanced Overwatch monitored burglary alarm service?

Monitored services provide an extra layer of protection by connecting your alarm system to our professional monitoring center 24/7. In case of an emergency or triggered alarm, trained operators will take immediate action, such as contacting authorities on your behalf.


8. Will installing a burglar alarm reduce my home insurance premiums?

In many cases, yes. Insurance companies often offer discounts to home and business owners with Advanced Overwatch burglar alarms installed because they lower the risk of theft and property damage. Contact your insurance provider to learn more about potential savings.


Secure your property

By investing in an intruder alarm installation from Advanced Overwatch, you are taking a proactive approach towards securing what matters most to you. Sleep better at night knowing that both physically and remotely there are measures in place to protect your premises from potential threats. Stay one step ahead by embracing technology advancements – join the thousands of others across Northern Ireland who value their safety by utilising our state-of-the-art security systems.


Northern Ireland’s leading installer of Security Systems 

Call Northern Ireland’s leading Burglar Alarm installation company on: 02870878077 or email: info@advancedoverwatch.com

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