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Simple ways to reduce fire risks

Prevent fire with advanced overwatch fire alarm systems

There is no doubt that fire risk is one of most substantial issues to any organisation or home owner, learn how you can protect your business or home.

Stay alert with an affordable fire alarm system

For your business continuity plan, it’s critical to be alerted to signs of fire at the earliest opportunity. Did you know that it can be simple, affordable and extremely beneficial to link your fire alarm to a monitoring service?

We thoroughly recommend investing in monitoring for your fire alarm system. With a monitoring connection, it means that if your fire alarm activated when no one is there, your keyholders and possibly the Fire Brigade can be on their way within minutes. Without this connection, you are entirely reliant on a member of the public noticing signs of a fire and alerting the emergency services. Why would you take this risk? You can eliminate this risk for just a couple of pounds per week.

The simplest and most affordable way to monitor your fire alarm is to link it to an existing monitored intruder alarm, if you have one. Creating a link between both systems will ensure you are notified as soon as the system detects signs of a fire, such as smoke or heat.

Otherwise, you can set up a standalone monitoring connection for your fire system. There are several products that can be used to do this, depending on the grade of your system. We can install digital communicators that send signals to the monitoring station via your phone line and a mobile connection (Dual-Path). Or, we can use our wireless solutions that simply use the mobile network to send a signal (Single-Path). These are appropriate for low-medium risk premises.

If you’d like advice on implementing monitoring for your fire alarm, please contact us and we can arrange for one of our surveyors to review your system with you.


Protect your business or home against fire

To discuss how we can help secure your home and valuable possessions from the risk of fire visit our contact page by clicking here or give us a call on: 02870 878077 for a free, no obligation expert home or business survey.

For information about our range of Fire Alarm Systems and services, please click here.


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