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PSNI Advice on CCTV – protecting home and business

A good quality CCTV system is invaluable to a criminal investigation. Grainy, blurry or otherwise poor quality images may capture a crime taking place but will not allow for any identification to be made.

PSNI – Protect Your Property

The PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) have published extensive tips and information about choosing good quality solutions from a reputable company.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) systems also known as video surveillance systems are an important security aspect for both home and business and can help police with your criminal investigation. The PSNI have recommended that all businesses install a CCTV system whether it is for basic monitoring or a high resolution security system that can lead to identification or prosecution.

Security surveillance systems have become a staple requirement in environments such as car parks, airports, railway stations, museums – and even some domestic properties – as a means of monitoring the activities of passers-by, visitors and employees; recording any suspicious behaviour that may amount to a criminal offense.

Whether trespassing, theft, or a violent crime, strategically-placed CCTV equipment will transmit video signals from their specific location to a monitor, allowing for a complete view of a certain area so that crime can be prevented then and there, or recorded as evidence for a future case.

In terms of domestic use, security surveillance equipment can offer invaluable insight into the regular visitors to a certain street or who occupy a certain area, allowing for easy identification of unidentified or suspicious visitors.

For a business, CCTV kits installed around a warehouse, office or factory entail that the activity of all employees is constantly monitored and protected. CCTV camera systems can be set-up in many different environments and particular areas so activity can be monitored from all angles; offering a comprehensive view of all areas of your place of business.

Whether for your home or business, you should ensure that your CCTV cameras are protected in a robust, tamper proof housing and that any recording equipment is located in a secure area. Criminals may seek to damage cameras or remove any recording equipment to prevent identification during an investigation.


What can you do?

  • Consider installing a digital recording system. A hard drive recording system may is often easier to secure.
  • Ensure that your system retains footage for at least one month.
  • Train staff how to copy footage to provide to police. This allows for an investigation to be progressed without delay.
  • If you use a tape system, ensure you change tapes daily.
  • Use tapes no more than 12 times.
  • Always keep recorded tapes for at least a month.
  • Use good quality tapes and, if possible, check their standard through playback on another machine.
  • Regularly check that your CCTV images are clear enough to identify people and vehicles.
  • Check that the picture is covering the right area.
  • Set the correct time and date on the recording equipment.
  • Ensure there is enough light to record a clear image.
  • Signage must be displayed in the customer area advising that CCTV is in operation



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If you want to keep your property or business secure during this holiday season a CCTV surveillance system, alarm or combination of Advanced Overwatch products will help achieve security and peace of mind.

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