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Protecting a school with security and CCTV solutions

It goes without saying that the security and safety of your school is paramount. Alongside your commitment to delivering excellent academic and pastoral provision, you have a critical responsibility to protect your pupils, staff and assets.

Implementing a future-proof security strategy

We understand that dealing with this responsibility can be challenging. Every school is different, making it difficult to find a one-size-fits-all solution. However, through our experience of working with a variety of educational institutions, we have identified some key trends.


Taking a proactive approach

Those responsible for school security are encouraged to embrace a new way of thinking, where security takes a prominent role in the proactive running of the school. It’s important to remember that security is not simply a reactive measure that must be implemented for compliance purposes. Yes, compliance to the latest standards is fundamental, but there are many additional ways security can help you better manage your school, such as being able to monitor day to day activity, control access to specific areas and investigate incidents captured on camera.


Turning technology to your advantage

New innovations across the board are helping schools transform the way they use their security systems. High Definition (HD) CCTV provides ultra-clear image quality, day and night, so you can review footage in detail. There’s also number plate recognition and video software for precise analytics. Access control and entry systems are even using biometric technology to allow fingerprint scanning. Advanced Overwatch can help you understand and test the latest systems, and explain how you can integrate and maximise your school’s security for years to come.


Implementing your security strategy

With technology continually evolving, so does the need for a modern and effective security and safety strategy. Every school is different, making it difficult to find a ‘one size fits all’ solution. However, most schools do have a lot in common.

Your security strategy should have a vision and incorporate physical security systems, such as alarms, fire protection, CCTV and access control, as well as best practices for minimising risk. Ideally, this strategy should be procured, sanctioned, deployed and fully-funded by the Senior Management Team. Advanced Overwatch work hand in hand with board of governors, committees, teaching and facilities staff to fully assess the needs at each location.


Protecting further education against security and fire risks

If you need advice on security and safety solutions for your school or further education organisation or university, please visit our contact page by clicking here or give us a call on: 02870 878077 for a free, no obligation expert survey.

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