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Protect your business

At Advanced Overwatch, we know how much time and energy you spend running your business. We also appreciate how little time you have to research your security options and obligations. Yet when a burglary strikes, the effect can have a devastating impact, resulting in significant losses, personal trauma, and downtime if valuable equipment or stock is stolen.

Northern Ireland’s trusted Security Provider

A trusted security provider can customise solutions to individual business needs, reducing the risk of a break-in. Security measures can also help address a business owner’s occupational health and safety (OH&S) requirements, by providing a safe work environment.

Having the right system in place can help to ensure employees feel safe on the premises; particularly businesses that operate at night, and may hold large quantities of cash or valuable goods that may be targeted by theft.

Advanced Overwatch takes a tailored approach to business security. Intuitive technology that is easy to use can even help business owners operate more efficiently, with customised smart functions that enable you to arm or disarm the alarm system remotely, automate lighting, activate cameras, monitor staff or change access control restrictions if required.

If you’re a business owner looking to upgrade your security system, or looking for a multi-site solution that can be centrally managed and viewed, consider how the following smart features can enhance your day-to-day operations:

Automated smart device control
Interactive security features hand business owners complete control over their burglar alarm, as well as cameras, lights, locks and other integrated workplace appliances, via a smart device. If an employee forgets to arm the security system when they leave, no problem; simply turn it on remotely using your phone, tablet or laptop.

Central station monitoring
Enjoy peace of mind with back up support from the  Advanced Overwatch monitoring team who are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the event that the alarm is triggered, the monitoring team will notify you immediately and, if required, activate police response or the emergency services.

Cameras and motion alerts
Effective and affordable surveillance solutions can be tailored to the needs of any business for an additional layer of security. Internal and external cameras provide visual verification and the ability to monitor staff remotely from anywhere at any time. As a business owner, this offers incredible peace of mind and flexibility; if the alarm is triggered in the middle of the night, simply log in to verify whether the alert was a false alarm or a genuine emergency without needing to visit the site in person. Cameras can also be useful for monitoring workplace processes and safety practices, assisting with compliance monitoring and reporting.

Access Control
Keep track of who’s entering your premises, and when, using Advanced Overwatch access control systems that can be tailored to your business needs. Whether you need to authorise staff or cleaning contractors to enter the premises, restrict access to unsolicited visitors, or more tightly secure an area of the premises – such as a server or stock room, access control capability can be easily integrated into an Advanced Overwatch monitored security system. This includes allocating personnel individual security codes that can be deactivated instantly if there are employee changes, or by using non-contact face recognition.

Keeping an eye on your business has never been easier, even when you’re on the go.

For more information on our business security solutions, visit our contact page to send an email, start a live chat or call: 02870 878 077.

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