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How to keep your CCTV cameras safe from hackers

Security cameras or CCTV Cameras allow homeowners and businesses to keep an eye on their property and can be an effective deterrent against intruders and thieves. However, recent news stories about cameras being hacked has highlighted the need for camera owners to be vigilant about hackers to ensure their personal safety and privacy aren’t compromised.

While the likelihood of IP (Internet Protocol) connected devices being hacked is very small, it can happen if cameras are connected to an open internet connection or if there are weaknesses in the device username or password protection.


Don’t compromise on security

Hackers that gain access to internet-connected devices can threaten an individual’s personal safety or a company’s property and data.

Common security weaknesses that can put users at risk of hacking include using passwords that are reused or easily guessed, failing to update out-of-date anti-virus software and connecting cameras through unsecured Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

For this reason, for those looking to purchase or upgrade their security cameras, using a professional installation company with qualified engineers who will ensure your system is locked down and secure is vital. For peace of mind, IP-enabled cameras are best purchased from a credible and authorised security provider, such as Advanced Overwatch, who ensure cameras are professionally installed with appropriate encryption software and password protection authentication.

As modern CCTV camera systems offer users the ability to stream live and recorded playback to internet-connected devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets, to and from anyone, anywhere and at any time, they have become a convenient and popular choice for keeping an eye on kids and pets at home, or for businesses to monitor their workplace while on the go.

If cameras are not adequately password-protected and best practice security measures implemented, there is an increased risk of being hacked by cybercriminals and compromising property and personal security.


What steps do Advanced Overwatch take to help protect customers from hackers?

• Default settings (username and password) are changed on cameras and recorders before first use strong passwords are used.
• Cameras and recorders are encrypted to 256bit SSL standards. This is recommended by the ICO and Surveillance Camera Commissioner.
• We use reputable brands, with proven track records in data protection and privacy.
• We encourage our customers not to buy network devices from unknown sources, such as online auction sites.
• We assist our customers to help ensure home and business wireless networks are properly secured, limiting who knows the password and updating passwords if there are changes to staff or occupants in the property.

While it can be tempting to purchase IP-enabled technology, such as a CCTV camera system, from online sellers, increased risks associated with hacking and exploitation can compromise your safety so it is important to be vigilant about the source of the system and who may have had access to it previously.

At Advanced Overwatch, we offer prompt installation and setting up password protection and encryption from the outset, and we offer all customers regular maintenance and updates to software and operating systems.


Secure CCTV systems installation in Northern Ireland 

If you’re currently weighing up your home or business security options, a professionally installed, monitored and maintained security system from Advanced Overwatch may be the correct choice for complete peace of mind. For a free home or business security assessment or quote call 028 7087 8077

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