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Finance now available on all of our security products and services

We are pleased to announce due to continued expansion we now offer business finance at some of the lowest rates in the industry.

CCTV Rental & Finance Northern Ireland

Advanced Overwatch provide our finance directly to our customers through a large international bank. We don’t use brokers. We don’t use expensive finance companies. Our customers benefit from exceptional rates.


Welcome to our security business finance options!

Advanced Overwatch is a one-stop security solutions provider, offering our customers a full range of security products and services – now with flexible finance arrangements for alarms, CCTV, IT systems and much more.


Your Security just got a lot more affordable

We have always taken pride in providing excellent value pricing and services. We have now made our solutions even more affordable to our customers. A bespoke security package can be tailored to customer requirements and finance arranged within an hour. Whats more, we offer a FREE upgrade of equipment at the end of your financing, you’ll always have the most up to date security solution the market can offer, for the price of a few cups of coffee a week.


CCTV Leasing and CCTV Rental for Businesses and home owners

We work with our customers across Northern Ireland and the UK to find a finance or rental option which work’s best for their needs. Owning and renting a CCTV system each provides their own set of benefits.

Let’s start with the costs and benefits of CCTV leasing and CCTV rental for businesses based in Northern Ireland.

CCTV rental systems enable you to save money in the short term. It prevents you from having to make a major investment in security and lets you spread the cost out over time with us.

Most of our rental contracts include maintenance of the system which we install. If you own your own system, you’ll either have to provide your own maintenance, or contract with a service provider separately. This often can invalidate your equipment warranty if still inside the 12 month period of purchase.

Rental equipment is often newer and higher quality than something you could buy for a similar price. Once you’ve bought something, it’s yours for the long haul and you’ll then need to decide when to upgrade it and budget for that on a regular basis every few years.

With our rental CCTV systems, you can have new equipment installed as it becomes available simply by updating your contract.


The only downside to CCTV leasing and CCTV rental for businesses is the long-term price difference. Renting anything over a long period of time will generally be more expensive than purchasing it however the benefits of saving labour costs for maintenance often make the system cheaper.


Major Considerations
Look at what you need your system to do. We know that circumstances vary wildly even within the same industry. It’s best if you try and identify exactly what your needs are.

Step one is to decide how secure you need your business or home to be. The value of your goods and their location is often the biggest deciding factor in the scope of a CCTV system.

The physical size and layout of your property also comes into play. If you have a very large warehouse or building  that has long fields of view, you might actually need fewer cameras than a medium sized office with dozens of enclosed rooms, but the camera types will need to be different to cater for the different fields of view.

Once you know what you need to protect, decide how long you’re going to be at the location you’re at. If you’re renting a warehouse for six months, you probably don’t want to install a multi-thousand dollar permanent surveillance system.

Rental CCTV systems are an excellent choice for contractors, builders or developers. Job-sites often house hundreds of thousands of pounds in tools, heavy equipment, and building materials.

Having an effective surveillance system placed at each location greatly contributes to overall security.

CCTV leasing and CCTV rental for businesses make the most sense for shorter-term locations or groups that constantly need the best of the best.


If you are seeking a rental CCTV system for your home or business, please get in touch. We provide cost effective rental and finance options.


For further information on CCTV, Alarm or other security rental, financing or leasing call us to discuss your needs. We have exceptional rates and high acceptance rates. 

Advanced Overwatch CCTV and Security Solutions are an ISO:9001 and ISO:27001 certified installers and consultants. Contact us today

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