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Emergency Lighting Regulations in Northern Ireland: What You Need to Know

All businesses across Northern Ireland are legally required to provide and maintain adequate levels of emergency lighting to ensure safe evacuation of the premises in the event of a fire or emergency.

Emergency Lighting systems should be installed and serviced to the current British Standard for emergency lighting, BS 5266.


Emergency Lighting Survey Northern Ireland 

A Fire Risk Assessment or Emergency Lighting Compliance Survey helps our clients to decide the appropriate type and volume of emergency lighting necessary to provide the required levels of illumination. Emergency Light Servicing is also required on a bi annual basis.


Emergency Lighting Products and Servicing 

Advanced Overwatch provide complete Emergency Lighting products and services across Northern Ireland, including:

  • Installation of new Emergency Lighting Systems
  • Upgrades of Existing Emergency Lighting Systems
  • Emergency Lighting Compliance Surveys in line with BS 5266
  • Replacement of damaged or non functional Emergency Lighting
  • Installation of Test Switches for Monthly Occupier Testing
  • Servicing of existing equipment – Required Bi Annually
  • Certificate of Testing for Emergency Lighting on Completion


Emergency Light Compliance Northern Ireland 

Emergency lighting compliance in Northern Ireland is a crucial aspect of ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals in various settings. Whether it’s a commercial building, healthcare facility, or residential complex, emergency lighting plays a vital role in guiding people to safety during power outages or emergency situations.


Up to date Emergency Lighting regulations 

In recent years, there have been significant updates to the regulations governing Emergency Lighting compliance in Northern Ireland. This includes the introduction of new standards and guidelines that aim to further enhance safety and reduce risk. It is essential for businesses and organisations to stay informed about these changes and ensure that their emergency lighting systems are up-to-date and fully compliant. Advanced Overwatch assist our customers in understanding, meeting and maintaining their legal obligations.

Compliance with Emergency Lighting regulations not only ensures the safety of occupants but can also have legal implications for property owners or managers. Non-compliance may lead to fines, penalties, or even legal action in case of accidents or injuries caused by inadequate Emergency Exit signage or poorly maintained lighting systems. Therefore, it is crucial for all organisations in Northern Ireland to prioritise regular inspections, maintenance checks, and necessary upgrades to guarantee their Emergency Lighting meets all required standards.

Staying compliant with Emergency Lighting regulations goes beyond meeting minimum requirements; it demonstrates a commitment to safeguarding lives and protecting against potential hazards. By selecting Advanced Overwatch our clients keep abreast of evolving standards and investing in proper maintenance, businesses can create safer environments for their employees and customers alike. In an unpredictable world where emergencies can occur at any time, compliance provides peace of mind knowing that adequate measures are taken to respond effectively when they arise.

If you are seeking advice on Emergency Lighting Systems in your building, contact Advanced Overwatch on 02870878077 or email: info@advancedoverwatch.com

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