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Security Lighting and installation of CCTV Systems

There are many benefits of having CCTV cameras and security lighting installed, as they can both deter intruders and offer high security through remote monitoring. CCTV cameras can obtain high quality images and recordings of suspects that may have taken part in a criminal activity within the monitored area. These can be used as evidence in the case of a criminal investigation.

Using the right amount of lighting

CCTV Cameras would help you identify an intruder which means you would need to have plenty of light. In order to create a well lit scene in the area that is covered by CCTV cameras you may require additional lighting, in order to ensure that the captured footage isn’t washed out or too dark.

It is however important to not install CCTV Cameras at an angle where the cameras are directly pointed to the sun as this would result in high contrast, which would make it difficult to provide a clear image.

Install cameras for appropriate viewing

It is important to install CCTV cameras in strategic points within your premises, where they can view and capture the area you want to be seen. Remember not to install your CCTV cameras in corners of buildings as this can cause blind spots, which would limit your cameras’ view.  The best areas to install CCTV cameras would be the garage, driveway, back and side doors, front door and the yard.

CCTV Ballymena

Take care of the cabling

Leaving CCTV camera wires exposed could put your security system at high risk of damage, as your cables can easily be interfered with and could end up in your security system being compromised, therefore you should always make sure that all CCTV cables are properly sealed and out of reach to prevent damage.

Test equipment before committing to full installation

Cameras should be tested in order to ensure that they are functioning as expected. Ensure there is no glare or anything that would block the camera’s field of view.

Consider a professional installation at Advanced Overwatch 

In order to ensure that your CCTV cameras are going to work effectively, consider installing them with us at Advanced Overwatch by highly qualified professionals who are well experienced at working in security settings.

Consider routine maintenances

CCTV cameras and security lighting require a regular maintenance in order to ensure that the LED bulbs are working properly and that the lenses are cleared of any dust, dirt and webs which may cause problems with providing a clear image with any footage.

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