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The Impact of Video Analytics on Corporate Accountability, Liability and Compliance

Higher megapixel cameras and advanced analytics allow security personnel to transfer significant responsibility from onsite security operators to unmanned cameras which would result in a lower total cost of ownership.

Whenever IP UHD megapixel cameras are coupled along with intelligent analytics, they work together in order to protect facilities, employees and assets, in a more efficient way. Surveillance technology provides solutions for businesses beyond just security, as with advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) such as Deep Learning, which is becoming more prevalent in today’s security world, the latest generation of surveillance technology has incredible analytical solutions for accountability, liability and compliance which help grow a business. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology offers many different benefits for businesses, it not only decreases or prevents crime, but also helps the owner optimise their operations for a higher efficiency.

If something unexpected occurs such as someone shoplifting, the manager or employee would receive an alert. Systems can also analyse data which they’ve learnt, in order to prevent a crime from happening.

Deep Learning AI cameras have many different benefits to them, as they also offer their end users an optimising employee efficiency. For example whenever a retail worker takes too long to stock a shelf or to retrieve shopping carts, this would alert the manager, which can save a business the need to hire additional staff which would monitor the employees.

Surveillance camera companies rely on artificial intelligence which would automatically identify and detect any types of criminal behaviour as it happens and it can also help in running a more efficient operation for many different applications. Cameras with AI can learn the time that it takes for an assembly line to complete specific tasks, which means that the business is able to increase its level of efficiency based on pre-determined rules.

Deployment of a surveillance system would allow management to automate the observation of an area which would require the constant presence of staff, however as a camera observes that area it can collect other data such as people tracking, intrusion detection, 3D heat mapping and any other types of data which allows to increase the functionality and efficiency.

Cameras which have people tracking can determine humans from an animal or object, which is based on pre-set rules.

Facial Detection

Facial detection can be combined along with access control, which allows only authorised users into an area or premises and registers who is located where and when. AI produces a source of surveillance and packaged metadata which would allow you to easily pinpoint relevant video. Intelligent alerts allow you to respond quickly and accurately to different situations and alerts authorities when required. Heat mapping can help retail environments understand and improve the shopping experience and it can also be used to determine the busiest areas which helps boost sales. Deep learning done through the use of facial recognition can also be used in the retail industry, which would help identify individuals who may be shoplifters.

Video Analytics

Analytics enable cameras and recorders to operate more intelligently and efficiently through analysing video content in real time which improves safety, security and operations. Motion detection and intrusion detection would immediately alert the users of unwanted visitors on their premises, while heat mapping and people counting allows users to collect valuable data on their business operations. Customers are provided with the opportunity to benefit from video analytics without the need for a dedicated analytics server, by having analytic capabilities built into their cameras and recorders.

Deploying video analytics provides a business with an auditable source of complete data, increasing accuracy and consistency in solving surveillance challenges. Compliance to necessary regulations is simpler with searchable databases that can look for faces or license plates, and object detection can create an alert and a record of any perimeter breaches. With video analytics, protecting a business keeps getting simpler.

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