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Security Protection for Building Sites

Advanced Overwatch offers state-of-the-art building site CCTV systems that provide enhanced security and surveillance.

With advanced technology and our expertise, we ensure that construction sites are well-protected and monitored at all times.

These building site CCTV systems are equipped with high-resolution cameras that capture clear and detailed footage. They can be strategically placed around the site to cover all areas, including entrances, exits, and valuable equipment. This comprehensive coverage allows for effective monitoring and helps deter theft, vandalism, and other unauthorised activities. Additional benefits include building site timelapse capability.

In addition to live monitoring, Advanced Overwatch’s building site CCTV systems also offer remote access capabilities. This means that approved site managers and security personnel can access the footage from any location, using their smartphones or computers. This real-time access allows for quick response to any security incidents or emergencies, ensuring the safety of the site and its personnel.

Advanced Overwatch’s building site CCTV systems provide reliable and efficient security solutions across Northern Ireland for construction sites. Advanced technology, detailed footage, and remote access capabilities make them us the ideal choice for ensuring the safety and protection of valuable assets during the construction process.



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