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Redeployable Building Site CCTV

Redeployable CCTV Systems across Northern Ireland provide highly-effective temporary surveillance coverage to assist in the reduction of crime, vandalism, fly tipping and anti-social behaviour.

A typical redeployable CCTV unit includes a camera, on-board video storage, a backup battery and all the technology needed to transmit live and recorded video footage for monitoring and evidence download at incident hotspots, remote, or chal­leng­ing locations province-wide.

Implementing a redeployable CCTV programme as either an alternative to, or compliment for a fixed CCTV system offers a multitude of benefits to many building site contractors and vacant property locations in Northern Ireland.

Rapid Deployment and Ease of Installation
Installing a fixed, traditionally cabled CCTV system can be time-consuming and expensive. The civils work required to run extensive cabling underground is a potentially disruptive process that prevents a building site or other vacant property from being agile in response to CCTV monitoring requirements.

Our Redeployable CCTV cameras remove the requirement for such infrastructure, meaning they can be installed quickly and at a significantly reduced cost.

The ability to tailor your surveillance system to target specific areas of interest means fewer cameras and supporting devices are needed to monitor the same area – and therefore a significantly lower level of overall investment is required.

Flexibility and Redeployments

One of the key benefits of Redeployable CCTV is the ability to easily move the cameras to a new location should the monitoring requirements change.

This is particularly beneficial should the camera’s original purpose become obsolete either due to criminal activity in the area being displaced or the camera becoming obscured (by a new build, foliage, road layout change etc) or changes on a building site as a project progresses.

No Power, No Internet, No Problem

Having no power or network connection is no longer a problem with an Advanced Overwatch redeployable CCTV System. With the option to power the camera via solar or generator and connectivity through 4G or point to point links, our cameras are ideal for areas that are not suitable for laying wired network and electric supply lines.

The camera sends data to a communication station and then on to our security monitoring centre in Coleraine, where it can be managed. This means both monitoring and management activities, like viewing footage live, can be done remotely.

Quality equipment and footage

High quality footage up to 4K, advanced AI detection analytics, including deep learning algorithms that primarily target people and vehicles, provide higher flexibility and accuracy for our customers ensuring site security 24/7.

The cameras provide various advanced applications such as Face Recognition, ANPR, Metadata, People Counting, and Traffic Data.

Low bandwidth streaming allows users to benefit from high-quality live video with zero latency and full PTZ responsiveness.

Built in microphone and 2 way audio can play pre recorded messages when activations are detected within the camera for intervention offering a strong deterrent to crime.

Remote Connectivity & Monitoring

All systems supplied and installed by Advanced Overwatch can be monitored via a range of mobile applications by our customers in tandem with our CCTV Control Room. We also have a range of applications for Windows 10. All systems have the option to send Email alerts and notifications including Snapshots of the alert.

We recommend all systems are monitored to provide uninterrupted surveillance by our 24/7 Video Receiving Centre. 24/7 on call remote and engineer attendance is also available.

Advanced AI detection analytics instantly and reliably alert our monitoring station to suspicious activity occurring on your site. Industry leading image clarity allows our operators to clearly identify the nature of activity and escalate to a police response when necessary.


• No power required, No network required
• 4G connectivity or Point-To-Point
• Remote access to live and recorded footage
• Free software (desktop and mobile app)
• Lightweight and compact units (vandal proof)
• Additional inputs and video channels – add ANPR cameras and multiple accessories
• Control room integration


• Proactive site protection and monitoring 24/7
• High visibility to act as a deterrent
• Fast installation, fully portable
• No requirement for ground or civil works
• Minimal training requirements to view and playback footage
• Rapid deployment – our systems are ideal for temporary, mobile or semi-permanent applications
• Cameras can easily be removed and relocated at any time


Ideal for use across a variety of temporary deployment CCTV applications, these cameras can be used to provide temporary monitoring and security for secure remote sites and assets.

As a short-term solution for live events, cameras can be transferred from their standard locations to provide extra monitoring for the duration of any temporary event without an organisation having to invest in additional CCTV.

For contactors who frequently move between site locations, the system can quickly be redeployed without the need to re-setup. Move, plugin. Security assured.
For further information about our off-grid CCTV or Alarm Systems in Northern Ireland please call our product specialists on: 02870878077 or visit or contact page.


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