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CCTV Systems; Day/Night Security

In order to have appropriate security in place, you may require specific cameras for day/night time, as CCTV cameras require light to see and therefore when the sun is away they may be unable to form a picture. However, cameras that are built for night time viewing may have trouble forming a clear image throughout the day.

Below are listed out, the main differences between night and day security cameras:

Daytime Cameras:

During the day CCTV cameras would have plenty of sunshine to light up their sensors therefore providing  a great image, however if the camera is positioned facing towards the sun this would overexpose the image during the most sunny times throughout the day. Objects which can reflect the sun towards the camera such as windows and ponds may also have a similar effect.

Before installing a CCTV camera, it is important to ensure that your cameras won’t be covered by the sun at any point during the day. Daytime is typically the busiest period for all businesses, which means that there would be a lot to keep track of including people coming in through the front door, deliveries, cars in the parking lot and employees in the company. This means that a high resolution camera would be essential in order to capture everything throughout the day.

Night time Cameras:

Night time security’s problem is the lack of light as cameras need light to function. Therefore, if there is no light, this isn’t helpful for surveillance. Luckily, there are many different CCTV camera options which provide good visibility even in low light conditions. One of the most popular solutions for night-vision are IR (infrared) cameras, which have a longer wavelength form of light which is invisible to the human eye. These cameras see in infrared which makes them perfectly capable of seeing in the dark. Many of those cameras can even illuminate areas with infrared to see in total darkness, acting like an invisible flashlight. Even though IR cameras have night vision, it is hard to see well in the dark at a far distance. Whenever night vision cameras are being installed it is important to make sure they don’t have to see over a far distance, as these cameras are best for small alleys, hallways and rooms. Thermal cameras may be beneficial for outdoor night vision as just like IR cameras they use heat to create an image, which is mostly used for scanning perimeters and very useful for COVID-19 screening. These cameras help detect people from kilometers away, depending on the lens of the camera.

IR Filter

CCTV cameras with an IR cut filter are extremely useful as the IR filter acts like sunglasses for the camera. This filter covers the camera lens to block excess infrared waves and allows the camera to see full colour in high-resolution, just like a standard camera. This filter lifts to let in all the infrared at night time for the best night vision that is possible. Certain CCTV cameras include sensors which can detect lighting conditions and automatically raise and lower the IR cut filter, therefore your company/property would be properly covered both during the day and night, no matter what the lighting conditions are like.

Advanced Overwatch: CCTV Installers Northern Ireland

For day security it is important to focus on the way in which the sun is coming from. It is important to avoid glare and put the cameras in a location where they can provide the best image. For good night time vision it is important to have cameras well equipped to deal with low light conditions as if the camera can’t see well, it won’t be effective.

Our team at Advanced Overwatch has installed Security Systems at many different types of premises including homes and company’s, helping owners secure their properties and give them peace of mind. If you require help with CCTV installation, or you have any questions or queries about security system options, contact us for a free, no-obligation quote today.




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