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How CCTV Keeps Businesses Safe in the Dark

CCTV Camera installation in Antrim county Antrim Northern Ireland

Night vision cameras are extremely useful for business security. They can help with crimes which occur in the dark such as break-ins and burglaries at night time. Night vision CCTV cameras and motion-sensitive lighting definitely would help you sleep peacefully at night knowing they can prevent crimes from taking place!

Motion-sensitive cameras have the ability to send alerts whenever a movement is detected and you would be instantly aware that someone is trying to access your premises without your permission. Normal CCTV cameras however, don’t see well in the dark therefore don’t provide a clear image nor pick up motion whenever a break in may be about to happen. This happening, would also mean that you wouldn’t receive a notification through your phone, therefore night vision CCTV cameras may be something worth considering to have installed.

Infrared Night Vision

Infrared is the most common type of night vision which is popular in outdoor security cameras. This type of technology can flood an area with invisible light which the camera lens can see however the human eye can’t.

IR light has a longer wavelength and frequency than normal light that is visible to the human eye therefore we can’t see it. Most infrared cameras have a configuration of bulbs being used and higher power infrared LED lights are positioned around the outside of its lens.

There are many occasions in which IR is used, for example it is used for wildlife filming. The invisible IR light wouldn’t bother animals as they can’t see it either.

Types of Night Vision:

Image intensification tubes are used in night vision goggles which collect and intensify all available light which includes infrared light, which allows the person to see in lower light or total darkness. Whenever it may seem pitch black there is usually a source of light which may be hard to see by human eye however whenever the light enters the goggles it converts into green which is the reason why people’s eyes seem to shine brightly in these images as the human eye is more sensitive to green than other colours.

Night Vision CCTV Cameras

Night vision is extremely useful for cctv cameras as it allows the cameras to detect motion, therefore picks up movements by the intruder and can then immediately alert your device of the intruder. These cameras makes the image of the intruder more clear therefor can help identify the intruder in the case of a crime happening. Normal surveillance cameras would only pick up a blurry image in poor lighting or even make it completely unable for the person to make out the image.

Features which enhance quality of footage on CCTV cameras

  • Curved PIR sensors which improve detection angles
  • Super low glow LED lights
  • Blur reduction Technology


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