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Benefits of 4K CCTV

Getting 4K CCTV systems is often the best option you have for security systems. 4K is the highest level of image quality currently available to the public in security cameras. 4k is widely recognized by consumers to offer higher resolution, colour and contrast and the demand for higher quality video has grown within the surveillance market.

What is a 4K Security Camera?

4K surveillance cameras offer high resolution 3840*2160 with over 8 million pixels, the 8 million pixels is why a 4K camera is also considered or called an 8MP security camera. You will also see 4K cameras referenced as 2160p cameras, ultra HD CCTV cameras or 4K UHD security cameras.

The millions of pixels are measured horizontally and vertically and the 4K reference refers to those containing roughly 4K (3840) horizontal pixels.

There are typically two resolution standards when speaking about 4K: 3840*2160 and 4096*2160. Most 4K cameras used within the security industry, when people talk about 4K IP cameras, 8MP security cameras, ultra HD CCTV cameras, or 2160p cameras, they are talking about the ones with 3840*2160 resolution.

What are the advantages of 4K?

4K network IP security cameras tend to offer you more detail and clearer video images because of the higher pixel count.

Some of these examples may be clearer license plates from passing and parked cars, clearer facial recognition, the ability to observe small details on clothing and objects that may help identify people when an event occurs.

4k simply offers a more detailed image that allows for better visibility. Many 4K cameras also offer moto-zoom lenses to offer a closer field of view and built-in microphones to stream and record audio with your video recording.

 4K security cameras, how do they work?

Consumers will always directly compare 4K CCTV to 4K televisions, tablets, and photo cameras. Marketing for these 4k products has made consumers more aware of 4K and they expect 4K to provide better performance and detail.

4k cameras use special image sensors. A typical image sensor inside a 4K CCTV security camera is larger in size than smaller resolution cameras and offer improved low-light sensitivity which allows for the 8MP high resolution. Coupled with advanced video codecs (10- or 12-bit), and Ultra H.265, 4K CCTV cameras can truly offer high-quality video images.

8MP 4K HD Security Cameras offer more details and clearer video

The main benefit of 8MP/4K security camera systems, without doubt, is the sharper and clearer images with more details. And that is mainly credited to the high performance image sensors of 4K IP security camera systems, which can capture clear and high-visibility images in moonlit environment or over-exposure areas. When compared to standard resolution cameras like 720P (1MP) cameras, 4K resolution cameras boasts over eight times the resolution and clarity and offer over four times that of 1080p (2MP) cameras, and twice as much as 1440p cameras. So you can have a better chance to obtain useful evidence from your 4K PoE or wireless security camera systems such as distinct human face features, license plate numbers, clothing colours etc.

 Digital zoom allows for more detail when using 4K 8MP Security Cameras

Similar to mobile phones that offer pinch-to-zoom, 4K IP cameras allow you to you zoom in digitally to get closer to an object or person. This can be performed during live viewing as well as during playback.

8MP cameras provide as much as 2x the image size as a typical 1080p camera even after zooming 2X, this allows for better clarity while zooming in.

You also have the option of using motorized optical zoom lenses to zoom into objects, this offers the best quality as the lens adjusts the distance and field of view for a perfect image without the digital distortion that typically occurs when overusing digital zoom.

 8MP IP security cameras offer a wider field of view

4K IP cameras have a wider field of view than 2MP 1080p cameras and offer larger a larger aspect ratio and more resolution.

A single 4K camera can typically cover more area which means fewer cameras. You may be able to cover larger space such as a reception area, lobby and cash registers with one 4K camera as opposed to using several 2MP 1080p cameras to cover the same space. This lowers the cost of the 4K cameras since you can manage the spaces with fewer cameras.

Future proof technology makes more sense

8MP 4K is becoming more common and replacing many older 1080p cameras. It’s always better to purchase technology that will provide the longest lifespan, and 4K will soon be the standard for most cameras installed.

With 4K becoming mainstream in devices we use daily such as TV’s, digital cameras, monitors and tablets it only makes sense to follow the trend when considering 4K security cameras for your home or business. Keep in mind that viewing 4K cameras in their native resolution means you need a 4K monitor and with most consumer devices being sold today at 4K it only makes sense to use 4k moving forward.

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