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Ways through which People Counting improves Customer Service

There are many different benefits of Video Surveillance. For example, IP cameras with people counting capabilities can help business owners make operations decisions more efficiently.

People counting can support customer service in retail environments through:

Monitoring lines at cash registers

People counting cameras can detect how many people are gathering in a certain area such as a checkout lane. These cameras can keep track of how much time people have been standing there. If three or more people stand in line at the grocery store for more than three minutes, store managers can be instantly alerted when they need to send more staff to the cash registers in order to reduce waiting times, by setting rules which trigger the alarm.

Comparing the number of shoppers to the number of buyers

If people-counting at the entrance of the store revealed that 100 people came into the store but data shown that less than a half of them made a purchase, retailers can then analyse what is happening in the store that is stopping certain sales from taking place. Cameras that have heat-mapping capabilities can provide additional insight as to where in the store visitors are congregating the most.

Reducing loiterers outside of the store

People counting cameras can detect the number of moving objects that are human sized in an assigned “no loitering zone” and can keep track of the time. If too large an amount of people linger in front of the store beyond the set time period, this would send an alert. People counting cameras are very beneficial as they eliminate the need for staff to monitor for loiterers and automatically notifies the store manager whenever they may be required to intervene. Overall this provides a pleasant environment for customers who enter the store.

Tracking busy periods

Through collecting data on foot traffic during the busiest hours of the day and times of the week, managers can make sure to schedule enough employees at peak times which would ensure that customers feel like they’re being helped with at all times, and would encourage customers to return.

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