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Agricultural and construction theft prevention

Advanced Overwatch protect and prevent construction plant and agricultural machine theft, even in the most remote of locations with our range of alarms, CCTV solutions and trackers.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that certain criminal elements are actively involved in stealing Plant and Machinery. These criminals specialise in targeting commercial dealers as well as farm premises.

Items such as tractors and excavators are attractive for a reason. They are high value items and often have limited security features. It is a shocking fact that over £1 million worth of Plant and Machinery is stolen each week in the UK alone and less than 10% is ever recovered. In many cases the equipment is destined to be shipped overseas in a shipping container within 24 hours of the theft.

Many machines can be started quite easily. On occasions for operational reasons the key may be left in the ignition. If a coded system has been installed operators will often write the code somewhere convenient within the cab thereby rendering the security device useless.

The criminal gangs that specialise in stealing Plant and Machinery are only too aware of the security weaknesses. They are familiar with the various types of Plant and Machinery as they have often worked in the construction or agricultural industries themselves. Furthermore they are capable and competent when it comes to loading and transporting large machines. They can be in and gone in a very short space of time.

If a machine is carrying a companies livery the criminal will often peel off the company stickers at the crime scene. This means the machine is less likely to attract attention as it is transported away from the premises. Other physical identifiers may be removed for the same purposes. For instance light bars may be removed and so on.

Tracking devices are one option to protect your machine. Various options are available and there is an associated cost in terms of the installation, the tracker device itself and potentially an ongoing subscription cost.

In conjunction with the tracker installation, monitoring and maintenance service that Advanced Overwatch offer to rural customers and those business in the construction industry we also offer preventative CCTV solutions for short and long term vehicle and site protection. It is clear that a tracking service in combination with CCTV and other preventative measures will provide reassurance to the Plant Manager, Builder or Farmer seeking to protect their valuable machine. It is worth remembering that recovery rates are shockingly low. You should take action now to avoid disappointment later.

Here are some tips to keep your machine safe

1 – Remove the keys from the ignition when the machine is not in use. Sounds obvious but you would be surprised.

2 – Consider fitting a tracking device from a reputable company or installer.

3 – Consider fitting a coded system to restrict access to the ignition. Do not write down the code in the cab.

4 – Consider fitting a physical locking system to the machine to deter the criminal and to delay or potentially prevent any attempts to move the machine.

5 – Ask yourself if a CCTV or alarm system at the site location might be a viable option. Advanced Overwatch offer leasing options for security systems on a temporary basis. This could help to secure your machines when you are operating at an exposed site and is a complete solution including telecommunications on site and connection to our monitoring station with nominated members of staff having access to a live video feed and alert system on their smart phone, table or computer from anywhere in the world.

If you have lost a machine or are one of the growing list of customers who are concerned about vehicle or plant machinery theft or indeed require a remote location or site to be secured, visit our contact page by clicking here or give us a call on: 02870 878077 to discuss how we can protect your valuable equipment and premises.


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