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Keyholding & Vacant Property Services

Commercial and Residential vacant property services

Securing Vacant Residential and Commercial Locations

Vacant properties are at heightened risk to unauthorised access, break-ins, arson, vandalism, theft, squatting and environmental damage. Should any of these threats occur, the results can be devastating – damage to your building, plunging property values, delayed building works and failed sale completion dates, all of which have major unwanted cost implications.

In addition, insurance premiums for long-term vacant properties can often be high unless those responsible can show they have taken a broad range of sensible precautions.

The deployment of licensed security guards when required, alarm systems and other such security solutions can help diminish these risks and often prevent misuse and damage to these properties.
Our highly trained vacant property specialists are put in place so that we can provide expert advice and guidance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are happy to provide a free analysis to determine the probability and criticality of key risks e.g. Arson, Vandalism or Squatting.

You can then decide which the correct security solution is for you.

We pride ourselves in delivering trust, reliability and completing high quality services at competitive prices.

We have several security solutions for your vacant property needs. These solutions can be deployed rapidly and can be set up within hours in the majority of cases.

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