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Digital Forensics

Forensic Computing and Cyber Crime Investigation (FCCI).

Certified Digital Forensics Examination Services Ireland & UK

Our certified experts, holding a Masters of Science (MSc.) in Forensic Computing and Cyber Crime Investigation (FCCI) can perform an examination of digital devices to worldwide recognised ACPO standards including:

  • Computer Forensic Analysis

  • Mobile Phone Forensic Analysis

  • Digital Storage Forensic Analysis

  • Server Forensic Analysis

Examination conducted with worldwide recognised forensic software and practices by suitably trained/qualified examiners to a court/tribunal standard.

Current Core Digital Forensic Abilities:

  • Examination of all popular operating systems.
  • Live Data Forensics – i.e. a system cannot be switched off due to reasons such as financial loss.
  • Image devices for examination which can be used for intelligence or evidence in any court or tribunal setting.
  • Ability to triage computers when faced with a large number of terminals.
  • Examine at both logical and physical levels mobile phones and similar communication devices.
  • Conduct a network survey (either covertly or overtly) to identify a network breach.


Example Scenario 1:

Company A believes that one of their staff has been producing false invoices from a supplier and submitting these for electronic payment to a bank account held by the employee. Company A appoints Advanced Overwatch forensic examiner who acquires the employees computer and mobile phone and examines the contents for evidence of the fraud offence. Once a ‘bit by bit’ image is acquired of the devices there is no requirement to retain these devices any further so this can be put back to work rather than sitting in storage. Within a few days Company A can then provide the police with the actual evidence needed for a prosecution case.


Example Scenario 2:

Company B believes their network has been breached. For various and valid reasons not all companies want to report this to law enforcement. Time is essential as valuable artifacts may be lost if the incorrect actions are taken. By utilising a private consultant to examine the suspected breach answers to the common questions can be provided such as how did it happen, when did it happen, what was the result of the intrusion and what are the potential consequences. If at a later time a police investigation is decided upon then all relevant evidence can be supplied to aid any prosecution but the company’s sensitive data can be safeguarded.

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