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Wireless CCTV Solutions in public spaces and town centres

Advanced Overwatch help public space decision makers understand the benefits, costs and considerations of implementing wireless CCTV Solutions.

CCTV Wireless Systems

The ability to deploy wireless CCTV systems quickly and temporarily in areas where there is likely to be a short-term potential flashpoint makes Advanced Overwatch Wireless CCTV much more adaptable to the fast-changing situations in a community.

Local authorities and governments are finding wireless CCTV installations more appealing. It is estimated that an authority operating a network of 50 cameras on a leased fiber optic line could save around £20,000 a year with wireless CCTV solutions.


Wireless CCTV for public safety

CCTV has become an integral element of public space safety and security. It informs and aids police work, it acts as a deterrent and it also serves to reassure the general public. In fact, independent public opinion surveys revealed that 76% of people felt safer in public areas knowing that CCTV was in operation.

But in an era of budget cuts, many local authorities are facing a significant problem – greater need but less resource. It’s an issue prompting many to turn to Advanced Overwatch wireless CCTV as a possible solution. But why is this and what other factors are there to consider when deciding whether to go wireless?


To find out how Advanced Overwatch can help protect public space areas with cost effective and robust Wireless CCTV solutions, contact us to discuss your requirements with one of our specialist advisors.

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