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Our top tips to secure a new home

Protecting a new home should be a priority. Our security experts at Advanced Overwatch share their top tips to make a new home, family and belongings safe from move-in day and beyond.

Step 1 – Time for a change

Picking up the keys to a new home should be a memorable experience. But how many people have had those keys before? And do they have any spares left with their family and friends that they’ve forgotten to return?

In fact there are a multitude of different people who could have had access to a residence’s keys over the years. Therefore, we strongly recommend a change of door lock when someone moves into a new home.

A relatively inexpensive task, changing a door lock is an essential part of upgrading a home’s security, meaning that any spare keys that may have been cut will immediately become useless.


Step 2 – Step up to smart

Along with upgrading door locks, homeowners can choose to invest in a smart door lock for access control to bring their new home’s security to the next level.

Smart door locks aren’t just the latest trend in home security offering style over substance. They provide heightened security, helping homeowners to introduce sophisticated smart technology offering both convenience and peace of mind.

At Advanced Overwatch, we have many years of experience in the security market, so our knowledge and expertise in the field offers invaluable insight into how smart door locks can work to not only protect families but make their lives easier.

Our range of smart door locks offer smartphone functionality to monitor who comes and goes from the home, so householders can stay in the know surrounding their home security, anywhere and at any time.

New homeowners may need help from family and friends to help with the house move, a smart door lock can also allow for easy creation, and revoking, of mobile keys to have complete control over who comes and goes.


Step 3 – All eyes on the prized possessions

With new homeowners often a target for thieves, it’s important to prioritise their home security to deter criminals operating in the area.

By investing in a smart security CCTV camera system, householders can monitor their home security from anywhere at any time via their smartphone, to ensure that they always have eyes on their property.

A high quality CCTV package is an effective deterrent against thieves, as this type of visible security camera system is well-known for being avoided by opportunists not wanting to get caught red handed.


Step 4 – Stay alarmed

When scoping out potential properties to target, thieves will often look at the visible security solutions that are put in place by the homeowner, deciding whether they could easily break in undetected.

Just like CCTV, an alarm system is another effective way of getting thieves to move to an easier target, as a visible alarm box on the front of the home tells opportunists that a home’s security is up to scratch.

And with a smart alarm system, householders can even set their alarm remotely via their smartphone, or simply just check in on their home when they’re out and about.


Security for your home in Northern Ireland

For more advice and expert tips on how we can improve the security of a new home and information please call our friendly Northern Ireland security team on 028 7087 8077, email us: sales@advancedoverwatch.com or start a live chat from our website.

Our security installation teams are fully certified, professional installers. We hold SSAIB accreditation and all systems installed are recognised by the Police Service of Northern Ireland and home insurance companies.



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