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Thermal Scanner Temperature Monitoring Systems Northern Ireland

Advanced Overwatch offers a range of solutions to help small, medium, and large businesses continue to operate safely during these uncertain times. Options include: thermal temperature monitoring solution, mask detection, handheld thermal device, thermal temperature monitoring station and flow control for maintaining reduced capacity.

Thermal Scanner Temperature Monitoring Systems in Northern Ireland, helping to protect a business, their customers and staff.

Businesses who are able to open must comply with Government guidelines and take relevant measures to ensure public safety and health including:

• Reducing transmission among employees
• Maintaining healthy business operations
• Maintaining a healthy work environment

Northern Ireland is going through various phases and waves of local lockdown, with many towns around NI reopening gradually when local lockdowns are imposed. We assist businesses by helping to capture accurate temperature readings which are an indication an individual may be unwell.


General Best Practices

There are some basic steps all businesses can consider for opening their businesses while protecting customers and staff.

• Temperature screening
• Plexiglass at checkout /reception areas
• Flow Control to assist with social distancing
• Stickers on floor and signage to indicate 6ft distancing
• Make hand sanitizer available
• Frequent breaks for hand washing for high contact/ jobs
• More frequent deep cleaning


How can Advanced Overwatch help with Technology based Thermal Solutions?

Our systems offer easy, accurate temperature monitoring that is non-invasive and can be audited. The system can form part of a GDPR policy for compliance and is much more secure and cost effective than using pen, paper and an employee where personal data is exposed.

Technology: Thermal Temperature Monitoring Station

Key Applications: Small to mid-size retailers at employee entrances and front desks

Northern Ireland Thermal Detection BrochureThe non-contact thermal temperature monitoring station is an easy-to-deploy solution that quickly measures skin temperature without the need for personal contact and provides an accurate temperature reading to help businesses and schools assess employees, customers, students and other visitors for elevated skin temperature.

The system features a simple, portable setup that consists of a seven-inch screen and a camera with dual, 2MP, CMOS sensors. Different installation options, such as floor, wall and desktop mounts, make the system a versatile solution for shops, restaurants, schools, and factories that need an efficient method to assess temperatures of employees, customers, students and other visitors. This contact-free solution for monitoring temperatures uses thermal imaging technology to reduce the risk of viral transmission and deliver peace of mind.

The system incorporates A.I. – businesses can upload their employee or visitor information. When the person enters the building, the system recognises the person and will log their temperature and check if they are wearing a mask. This information is then automatically stored along with the employee photo and can be searched by management for auditing.

Our solution has no recurring software fees, with desktop and mobile apps available to receive alerts. Warning email alerts can also be configured to notify management of high temperature, or employees who are not wearing a mask. The system can also be monitored live if required.

Additionally, the system can automatically open or lock a door, lift or turnstile based on if the person has access and is not showing signs of a high temperature. Use of Quick Scanning capability prevents congestion, it takes .2 of a second for the system to detect a human. Once detected, the system will audibly inform a guest or staff member to measure their temperature.


How does Thermal Scanning Detection work?

Northern Ireland Face recognition system, Detection of people who violate quarantine during an epidemic new face recognition technology

Developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the system features a simple, portable setup that consists of a seven-inch screen and a camera with dual, 2MP, CMOS sensors. This contact-free solution for monitoring temperatures uses thermal imaging technology to reduce the risk of viral transmission and deliver peace of mind.

Thermal imaging technology allows for swift, accurate, temperature readings without personal contact. The technology in a compact, user-friendly station that helps businesses safely monitor staff and visitors during the pandemic.

A subject must simply look at the camera for the system to get a temperature reading; the system will almost instantly (within 0.3 seconds) detect the person and ask them to present their wrist for a simple, non-contact scan and will indicate whether a temperature is elevated above an operator-defined threshold. A visual display on the screen, as well as an audio alert, will let the operator know immediately when an elevated temperature has been detected. An additional setting will alert the operator if the system detects that a subject is not wearing a mask. The Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) camera is well-suited for high-contrast lighting environments, such as building entrances, and its infrared sensor can detect temperatures within a ±0.3°C range of accuracy.

The ability to quickly scan people as they pass through an area reduces long lines and wait times for business owners who want to safeguard the health of their employees, customers or students.


Is a Thermal Scanner suitable for my business?

Our brochure, which contains information on the Thermal Scanner Temperature Monitoring Systems in Northern Ireland is available for download, by clicking here. We offer various form factors of systems suitable for all business types and sectors.

Chances are, if you have been in to a retail outlet, restaurant, large factory or medical setting in Northern Ireland you will have seen one of our Thermal Scanner Temperature Monitoring Systems in use. Our systems are used to monitor the temperature of small teams of staff and low footfall of customers, to large industrial factories and warehouses with hundreds of employees. We have extensive references from some of Northern Ireland’s biggest businesses, available on request. The systems we install have been widely deployed world wide with notable companies such as McDonald’s installing the system in over 3000 of their outlets.



Why use a technology based solution to measure temperature?

Traditional body temperature detection measures can expose employees and customers to risk of cross infection.

  • Contact risk is higher if pen and paper is used.
  • Manual temperature monitoring often comes with high labour cost.
  • Lower measurement efficiency can occur along with less accurate detection and can be more invasive for staff and customers.
  • Training is required for staff in order to ensure correct measurements are being taken and that data is being held securely to comply with GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018.


Thermal Scanning Fever Detection installation in Northern Ireland 

If you would like to find out more about our Thermal Scanning Fever Detection systems and how we help our customers operate in a safe, compliant way during the pandemic, contact Advanced Overwatch today. A product specialist will be happy to provide free advice and a demonstration of our range of security products at our offices or at your business.

To arrange a visit click to contact us or to order a Thermal Scanning Fever Detection installation in Northern Ireland call the specialists on 02870 878077

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