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Solar 4G CCTV camera systems with no mains power or internet

Do you need CCTV security cameras installed with no WiFi, electricity or internet connection? Our solar 4G solar security systems are the perfect solution.

In this blog post, we’ll break down everything you need to know about 3G/4G/5G solar security cameras and help you gain an insight in to mobile security cameras which require no mains power or hard wired internet connection.

What are 4G Security Cameras?
Where do Advanced Overwatch install 4G Solar Cameras?
What are the pros and cons of 4G Solar CCTV?
Is it worthwhile having a 4G Solar CCTV system?
The best 4G Security Camera for your property / requirements.
FAQs about our 4G Solar Security Systems.


What are 4G Solar CCTV Security Cameras?

A 4G, solar security camera system is a great replacement for traditional CCTV camera systems which are perfect when the location has no power or hard wired internet connection.

Instead of using a dedicated internet connection, a 4G surveillance camera transmits video signals over the mobile network utilising 3G/4G/5G via a data sim card, making it the ideal security solution for locations without internet and mains power.

4G security cameras work in a way similar to your mobile phone: a data sim module is installed in the main control panel and it can send signals over the mobile network to our monitoring station or direct to your mobile devices.

Since 4G based security cameras needs to run on the 3G/4G/5G network, they are also often referred to as 3G/4G LTE/5G mobile security cameras.

Note that, in order to transmit videos, a data sim plan is required for a 3G/4G/5G security camera. We offer the appropriate sim card and data plan with up to 100GB per month included as standard. For battery/solar powered CCTV security cameras we can provide service via all popular networks including Vodaphone, O2, Three and others depending on your location to ensure you get a reliable and strong connection to your CCTV system.


Where do Advanced Overwatch install 4G, Solar and battery powered CCTV Systems?

There are fewer limitations when we install a 4G, Solar CCTV Camera System as there are no internet or power requirements.

Provided there is mobile phone service in the location (you can make phone calls and send texts and browse the internet), any location you require will be suitable for our system.

As the 3G/4G/5G mobile security cameras can work with no internet, they are ideal for areas where a strong Wi-Fi signal or hardwired Ethernet and an electrical power source are not available.

Our remote 4G Solar security cameras are perfect for:

  • Construction sites and new build properties
  • Temporary installations which can quickly be deployed and removed
  • Barn, farms and remote rural locations
  • Boats, docks and marinas
  • Holiday home, cabins & sheds
  • Caravans, campsites self-storage units
  • Warehouses
  • Wildlife locations
  • Hotels and AirBnB rooms


What are the pros and cons of 4G Solar CCTV?

4G Solar Security Camera systems can offer a solution for every problem that traditional hard wired CCTV may not solve.

However, everything has its place. Below are the pros and cons of selecting a 4G Solar security solution so that our customers can make an objective selection of the CCTV options we provide:



Flexible Location

Most 4G security cameras are powered by batteries which require recharge. Our system functions via battery with a connected solar panel to power the system constantly, no mains electrical outlet is required. This reduces running costs, is environmentally friendly and requires no costly cabling or mains connection.

No WiFi network or hard wired Ethernet connection to a router is needed which increases the possibilities of where we can install the cameras.

We can install our 3G/4G LTE/5G security cameras almost anywhere they are required, then you can access the waterproof, outdoor wire-free battery 4G cameras from the free app on your smart phone.

And when your security needs change, our engineers can move your security systems and reposition the battery/solar powered security cameras to a new site without internet or power.

There are also no cables to run and less drilling ensuring a tidy, discrete installation.



Safe and secure encryption

Compared with our range of hard wired security cameras which require cabled connection to your router to transfer data, our 4G camera systems utilise the security of the mobile network providers are highly secure making the system out of reach for hackers.

We also offer individual or combined systems which operate secure point-to-point (P2P) wireless CCTV camera systems.

In terms of device security protection for our surveillance cameras, as standard our systems offer SSL encryption, WPA2-AES encryption and SSL-TLS protocols enabled to prevent exposure of a users’ privacy. The 4G solar camera system can form part of a GDPR policy and will be DPA and GDPR compliant.

In the case of an unexpected power failure on traditional CCTV system, our 4G battery/solar powered security CCTV camera systems are still going to continue to work, helping to ensure that even if power is cut to a location that security can be maintained.


Fast deployment

Similar to wire-free security cameras, 3G/4G LTE/5G security cameras can be deployed quickly and setup by our expert engineers. We also offer a pre-configuration service where our engineers will build and pre-configure your system and have it couriered to your location. The system can then be set up on site yourself within a few minutes.

Once your solar 4G system is screwed in place, customers can download our App your their phone, desktop or laptop and can then easily access the live video feed, 24/7 and will receive instant alerts of any activity detected.


Remote CCTV Viewing from anywhere

Traditional surveillance CCTV camera systems without internet will not be accessible away from the location as they depend upon a hard wired internet connection to send video and alerts to your devices.

Our 4G Solar solution wont!

As noted above, the 4G security cameras with allow our customers to steam the live feeds anywhere on your phone, even with no WiFi and power source.



4G Solar Security Systems cost

The WiFi and battery powered 4G security camera technology is more advanced than traditional CCTV systems and may cost more for an outright purchase.

We offer cost effective purchase, finance and rental options with short or long-term rental structure depending on your requirements. We can bundle the data sim card cost also, so you pay one single, straightforward monthly fee.

The specific mobile data plan cost of systems will vary depending on how much data you require.

Live streaming and manual recordings can increase data consumption.

Though the price of 3G/4G LTE Security Cameras imay be slightly higher, you will have no continual power cost to pay or internet provider to pay for which often come bundled with a telephone line that most customers rarely use.


Is it worthwhile having a 4G Solar CCTV system?

Now that we have provided information on our 4G Solar Security Camera Systems, it begs the following question:

Is it worthwhile to invest in an Advanced Overwatch 4G Solar security system now?

The simple answer is: it depends on what your requirements are.

More often than not, we are often asked by customers: Is it possible to use a security camera without WiFi? Is there a CCTV system that doesn’t need the internet and power?

If you happen to have the same security needs, 4G Solar surveillance cameras, without doubt, would be the best option in your scenario.

With the technology of mobile networks advancing towards 5G on a wide scale, it will simply be a matter of time before 4G/5G security systems become more common place.


The best 4G Security Camera for your property / requirements

The options for professional 3G/4G/5G Solar security cameras are still limited.

The good news is that our systems are SSAIB certified and are tried and tested, security customer homes and businesses under almost every scenario you could imagine.

Our battery powered and solar powered 4G security cameras are affordable and offer excellent quality images day and night.

The systems our professional engineers install are designed to meet your security needs in places with no WiFi and power source. Our mobile security cameras provide an ideal security solution for remote locations such as farms, boats, campsites, construction sites and rural locations.

Standard features such as 100% wire-free, 1080p Full HD, IP67 weatherproof, two-way audio and starlight night vision, which means greater clarity and more details even in total darkness.

Our systems come with a smart PIR motion sensor and a built-in SD card slot to record footage – the footage is also uploaded to the cloud in the event that the camera becomes damaged. If your phone is out of signal or turned off, alerts and motion detection events can be stored locally for you to check when reconnected. The system can also be connected to as many smart phones / devices as required so that when an alert occurs, everyone who needs to know does, instantly.


FAQs about our 4G Solar Security Systems

We’ve rounded up some frequently asked questions about the 4G Solar security camera system we install. If you have any additional questions, please click the live chat box on this page – we’re always on hand to help with any questions you may have.


Do your 4G Solar Security Systems Work with WiFi?

Most 4G/5G Solar security cameras do not work with WiFi or your phone hotspot, as they are designed to operate in places where the internet is not available in the first place. We can also offer hybrid systems which will operate both on 4G networks and WiFi. For further details please contact us with your specific requirements and we will customise a solution specific to you.


Can I use my own sim and how much data is required?

Absolutely!  In terms of data usage, alerting sent to your devices consists of very small packets of data to provide a notification of an alert such as the motion sensor being triggered. More data is consumed from a sim card when you live stream or play back the footage. Data usage depends upon the amount of footage you stream from the system. We recommend a minimum of 2GB of data per month for lite usage. For more continuous use, for example when the camera is accessed frequently, we offer a 100GB sim package, tailored specifically to the 4G / Solar security camera system.


What type of smart phone do I need?

All of our camera systems, including our mobile solar 4G camera systems work across all modern iOS and Android devices.


What type of 4G Solar Camera systems do you offer?

We supply and install both static and PTZ solar CCTV cameras with a range of lenses and smart features.


How to order a 4G Solar CCTV System when I have no internet or power?

If you would like to find out more about our CCTV systems including the 4G Solar solutions we offer, contact Advanced Overwatch today. A product specialist will be happy to provide free advice and a demonstration of our range of security products at our offices or at your home or business.

To arrange a visit click to contact us or for 4G Solar CCTV systems in Northern Ireland call the specialists on 02870 878077

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