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Security Tips for securing warehousing and commercial logistics

For many businesses, the warehouse is an integral part of operations where expensive equipment and valuable stock items are stored. It is also a busy hub where staff and delivery vehicles are constantly on the move.

Warehousing and logistics prime target for theft

Unfortunately the transient nature of warehouse environments can also make them a prime target for theft and burglary.

CCTV cameras are one of the most common ways warehouse managers can help to reduce the risk of theft; however, as warehouses vary considerably in size and scale, it is important to consider each facility’s unique needs to ensure the most effective solutions are in place.




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When reviewing warehouse security, Advanced Overwatch can assist you to:

  • Ensure cameras are positioned correctly around the facility’s internal and external perimeter, including loading bays and gates.
  • Recommend the most suitable type of camera and recorder combination. For example, this may involve selection of a camera with lenses on a vertical angle (rather than horizontal) to help maximise visibility down the length of the aisles, or use of PTZ cameras to cover 360 degree’s of an area.
  • We review the access points to the warehouse and the areas where people enter and exit the premises. For loading bay areas, Advanced Overwatch can advise on whether to install CCTV cameras that are linked to license plate recognition technology. This can help to keep track of delivery vehicles by automatically logging their details including the times they arrive and leave the bay along with automatically opening and closing gates and barriers.
  • We assess perimeter fencing and position cameras to capture a broad overview of the area. These cameras should have PTZ (pan tilt zoom) and low light visibility capabilities depending on the location and the facility’s needs.
  • Consider if new RFID technology, can help your warehouse managers pinpoint the exact location of any stock item at any time. This is achieved by inputting an RFID code into a computer to track stock items. The technology is not only beneficial as an anti-theft solution; it can also be used to significantly increase operational efficiency.
  • CCTV cameras may be of value to monitor staff safety and ensure the operation of forklifts and other warehouse machinery, such as conveyor belts, is carried out by authorised personnel. Footage can also help to verify circumstances around incidents, including accidents and fraud.
  • Use of our AI technology can also be implemented to identify if PPE is being worn and face recognition can be used to identify staff members to control access to and from the various locations of the facility.
  • We assist with DPIA and compliance meeting requirements from GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 ensuring your system is ICO compliant.


As the ability to be flexible in a warehouse environment is of vital importance, CCTV camera surveillance and security solutions must be completely scalable. As businesses increasingly transition older analogue video systems to modern IP camera technology, Advanced Overwatch can facilitate solutions that integrate both analogue and digital video feeds to help meet the growing needs of the business.


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