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Why install CCTV in my business in Northern Ireland?

CCTV camera systems are widely deployed by business owners in Northern Ireland. They are not only for places such as banks, jewellery shops or filling stations.

Benefits of using CCTV cameras in your Northern Ireland business

If you think that CCTV cameras are only for large businesses here in Northern Ireland then you could be missing out on the many benefits. If you run your own business you need to be very aware of workplace security. Various things may go undetected, leaving you to deal with the losses, or alternatively, by using CCTV cameras you could monitor everything that is taking place.

Below you will find the main benefits our customers receive as business owners across Northern Ireland when we install our range of CCTV Systems and security solutions.


CCTV systems create a safe working environment

Keeping employees safe is often one of the top concerns of every business owner. This can be accomplished in many different ways. Installing a business surveillance system, or CCTV, is a great way to address this concern. A business CCTV system will assist you in monitoring your staff, resulting in fewer security incidents. The use of cameras can encourage more appropriate employee behaviour, which will create a safer working environment for everyone.


Business CCTV systems help you in providing evidence

CCTV cameras will help you greatly in a court of law if there has been misconduct or theft. CCTV footage from your business is seen as prime evidence in court and could greatly help your case. It could also help to identify who the culprit is in the event of a crime. The PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) often emphasise that CCTV footage can be very effective in solving crimes because crimes are being recorded as they are committed and this creates valuable evidence for court trials.

The increasing popularity of surveillance cameras is linked to their effectiveness in solving crimes. Based on a recent study, a large number of murder investigations by detectives from Scotland Yard benefitted from using camera footage as evidence. A 2009 report showed that of the 90 murder cases recorded during the year, CCTV footage was used in 86 of the cases. According to senior police officers, 65 of the cases were solved because the crimes were captured on camera or the movements of the criminals were tracked before or after their attacks.


Business CCTV provides a constant presence

When you have installed a CCTV system at your office or business location, you can constantly keep an eye on what is happening in your business, even when you are not available or you asleep.


Business CCTV systems offer better surveillance to inaccessible areas

There may be some areas where physical surveillance might not be possible, therefore by installing a CCTV camera, physical monitoring is not required.


Increased employee accountability with business CCTV

If you have CCTV cameras installed already at your business, then you won’t need to monitor your employees in person. With the fear of getting caught on camera employees will be less tempted to mess around and they will work harder which will result in increased efficiency and productivity.

Employee monitoring by CCTV surveillance should be confined to areas where the risk of infringing employees’ privacy rights are low. The use of CCTV cameras that constantly monitor a select group of employees in a particular area are more likely to be deemed intrusive than those that monitor all employees in a general entrance area. At Advanced Overwatch, we can offer specific advice on CCTV compliance with Data Protection and GDPR compliance.


What are the legalities of using CCTV in my business in Northern Ireland?

You can use a CCTV system to protect your business in Northern Ireland, but you must follow the Data Protection Act and comply with GDPR.

You must:

  • put up a compliant sign to let people know CCTV is being used and why;
  • be able to provide images within when issued with a SAR (subject access request);
  • share images with the authorities, such as the police, if they ask for them;
  • keep footage only as long as your business needs them

The above is a summarised list only. There are many regulations and requirements around Business CCTV Systems. We provide specific advice to ensure that your business complies with legislation.



If you own a business, you may benefit from installing CCTV cameras in your workplace. This can assist you in achieving key goals and minimise uncertainties. It would enable you to monitor the entire scope of your premises from a single screen, have the footage recorded for playback when required and also provide remote access to the premises when you are away via smart phone apps or your computer. CCTV can also help reduce insurance premiums.

You can monitor your staff conveniently, and additionally, create and maintain a safer working environment.


Get a free Business CCTV System installation quote

An Advanced Overwatch Business CCTV Consultant will be happy to come to your business premises anywhere in Northern Ireland and recommend the perfect security solution based on your property and circumstances.

To arrange a visit click to contact us or for business CCTV installation systems in Northern Ireland call the specialists on 02870 878077

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