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The Importance of Using an SSAIB Accredited Security Installer in Northern Ireland

Choosing an SSAIB accredited security installer when adding a new security system is one of the most significant steps you can take to help safeguard your business against all the threats which it faces.

SSAIB Northern Ireland Security Installer

Business clients are subject to unique pressures and concerns surrounding their security in Northern Ireland, making the need for professional assistance more important than ever before. Home owners are also becoming more savy in terms of choosing a reputable company when selecting who they wish to install their CCTV system, burglar alarm or access control system.

Whether you’re looking for ways to beef up your business security for the first time or want to upgrade an old system to better safeguard your staff and assets, relying upon an accredited installer such as Advanced Overwatch who truly knows what they’re doing can make all the difference when it comes time to put your security provisions to the test.



SSAIB Accreditation offers our customers in Northern Ireland peace of mind

There are a lot of companies and one man installers who offer CCTV and other security systems. For peace of mind, look for the SSAIB accredited logos, which indicates that the company has passed an independent assessment of both their business, financial status and specialist system knowledge. Holiding SSAIB means high standards of security products, installation and support for our customers which meet the latest standards.


Getting Accredited takes effort and commitment

Not just anyone can be trusted to install your security system.

There are a number of accreditation bodies in the security industry, all indicating differing levels of skill and experience. The sheer presence of these accreditations helps to demonstrate a level of expertise that professional companies commit to deliver.

This effort required means that accreditation such as the SSAIB will be lacking from companies who have not undergone the process of accreditation, and making the right choice helps you know you are placing your trust in the correct people.

Can you really afford to take a chance with a security company or man with a van who is not accredited?

When it comes to your company’s business security or home, there is simply no room for working with untrained installers.

Installers who have achieved the SSAIB accreditation naturally will provide you with the peace of mind you need in order to trust that your security measures won’t let you down.


Installing to a higher standard is assured with Advanced Overwatch

The strictures of Northern Ireland and UK security installation accreditation make for more professional conduct overall. As an accredited installer, we can offer expert guidance initially as you weigh up whether you need CCTV and a burglar alarm installed.

You will have peace of mind that all work such as technical security survey designs and maintenance are done correctly the first time. Other benefits exist too.

Dealing with Advanced Overwatch as an accredited SSAIB company means you will wait less time for a call-out in the event of a problem or required upgrade.

Our customer service will be up to scratch and our security equipment will be of a high quality and standard.

The benefits of accreditation run deeper still, as we hold the required experience we are able to help you choose the right products for your specific security needs.


Trusted security products and equipment guarantees

As the range of security products continues to evolve, so too do the requirements of accredited companies which install them.

Advanced Overwatch takes their accreditation and client responsibilities seriously and will bring a range of trusted products with the official seal of approval from accreditation boards.

Our customers trust us to help them to make informed decision and we deliver on our customers unique security needs, first time, every time.

You can also rely on our expertise and training to help determine the correct format, placement and maintenance of your new security products and equipment during the installation stage and beyond.


Superior customer service

Daryl Archer and Andy Legg from Advanced Overwatch CCTV and Security SolutionsSecurity products themselves are one of the key aspects to choosing the right CCTV or Burglar Alarm installer, but what about the people you’ll be working with and reliant upon if something goes wrong?

This is even more important in the case of opting for monitored CCTV, your company security is in their hands.

Advanced Overwatch have undergone the process of getting accredited understand customer care is one of the most important aspects of the security industry, and it doesn’t end after we have made a sale.

Adjustments and changes to your order are accommodated, and there is always an engineer available in Northern Ireland in case of any problems, questions or concerns.


How do I know if a company is accredited?

It’s essential to ask when selecting a CCTV system or Burglar Alarm installer about their qualifications ahead of signing a contract.

We will be more than happy to share our expertise with you, as accreditation is a proud achievement for us as a reputable installers within the Northern Ireland security industry.

Exercise due caution if a company appears to be stalling on explaining the qualifications behind their skills and experience, and don’t feel pressured into signing anything before understanding exactly who you’re working with.

General guidelines to ensure the company you work with is the right one, remember to:

  • Ask about the professional background of installers who will be working on your project, to ensure those who are taking the helm with your own installation bring the correct level of expertise and experience.
  • Check the company’s credentials before signing contracts or agreeing to an installation or quotation. This can be done at an early stage of your enquiry, during which security companies should be more than willing to outline their own skills and qualifications without complaint.
  • Assess the company website to see if there is any evidence they are accredited, as the process can be difficult to undergo, most reputable installers are very keen to shout about their qualifications from the proverbial rooftops, and this is most often seen on their website.
  • SSAIB certified companies can be found on their registrar via their website by clicking here.
  • Our SSAIB reference number is: NIRE127 – we can be found on their register here: https://ssaib.org/security-provider/13473/


Who are SSAIB?

The Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB) is the leading certification body for organisations providing security systems and services, fire detection and alarm systems, telecare systems and services, manned security services and monitoring services.

SSAIB is a Security Industry Authority (SIA) approved certification body – in respect of the SIA Approved Contractors Scheme – that operates within the UK and Northern Ireland. SSAIB also offer certification for firms based in the Republic of Ireland as well.

Founded in 1994, the SSAIB is a non-profit organisation. It promotes high standards of service and is focused on serving the certification needs of organisations providing security and safety related services.

Certification with SSAIB is a mark of excellence. The SSAIB approach is inclusive of small and larger providers alike and have more than 1,600 companies of all sizes on their register, which means that they represent the greatest number of security service providers in the sector. For more information on SSAIB, visit their website: https://ssaib.org/


Get a free SSAIB CCTV System, Access Control or Burglar Alarm compliant quote

An Advanced Overwatch security Consultant will be happy to come to your business premises or home anywhere in Northern Ireland and recommend the perfect security solution based on your property and circumstances which will meet all guidelines and standards.

To arrange a visit click to contact us or for SSAIB CCTV installation systems in Northern Ireland call the specialists on 02870 878077

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