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Why should I get a monitored security system?

When you are deciding on a security system, it can be hard to choose between a professionally monitored system or a DIY model from the local shop or online. While DIY cameras and alarms may seem like a cheaper alternative, they do not include the back-up support if the alarm is triggered, won’t be recognised by your insurance and in the event of court proceedings can be thrown out as not certified by an installation company.

What is Alarm Grading?

DIY systems are not “graded”. Intruder alarm systems in Northern Ireland must conform to European Standards BS EN 50131 series. EN 50131 defines four grades of Intruder alarm system, 4 being the highest. The grade is measured by how resilient the alarm system is to attacks by intruders and other outside influences – as DIY systems cannot meet these specifications, generally, they are not suitable for a proper security solution.


Monitored security system specific to your requirements

At Advanced Overwatch, our SSAIB security professionals assess your individual property and design a monitored security system with your business or home layout and family’s needs in mind. We ensure alarm sensors are positioned correctly, camera views are optimised and unobstructed and consider the lifestyle of the occupants. We then create a tailored solution that can also include smart home products that allow you to control elements of your home or business, including your alarm system and CCTV, remotely via our Interactive Security app.

Our team is often contacted by homeowners seeking a reliable security system that will help provide greater peace of mind. Below are just some of the reasons why our customers have opted to install a professionally monitored home security solution.


Ineffective DIY Alarm and CCTV Systems

While DIY products can be a cost-effective solution for people who just want a deterrent in place, or for lifestyle purposes such as checking who is at the door, these products are not monitored by anyone except the homeowner.

What would you do if the alarm sounds when you are away from home? And what do you do if the alarm is triggered while you are on holiday, in another time zone or a long distance away, or indeed if you are at home alone in the middle of the night? There is no option to have the PSNI dispatched to the house to verify what has happened.

In some cases, installed DIY cameras may be positioned incorrectly, resulting in blind spots, or the footage may be too grainy to identify a perpetrator. When you have a monitored system with us, our Control Room operators monitor any intrusion at your property and take immediate action 24 hours a day. Advanced Overwatch has a range of cameras for different needs, from a standalone internal Wi-Fi model to a comprehensive wired CCTV system.


Recently burgled

If you have ever been the victim of a burglary, you will be all too familiar with the unease and nagging worry that it’s going to happen again. People often approach us just after they have had a break-in, as a reactive safety and protection measure.

Having a professionally installed and monitored alarm helps to alleviate concerns when you are home or out, knowing that our experts are always monitoring your system and ready to act whenever your alarm is triggered.


Increased crime in the area

When a neighbour or several homes in your town have been broken into, it’s natural to worry that you might be the next target.

An increase in crime in your area is certainly cause for concern and can prompt many people to install a professionally monitored system for peace of mind. While recent research found that 20 per cent of respondents said home security was unnecessary as they considered their neighbourhood to be safe, no location in Northern Ireland is free from incidents of burglary and theft; burglars are always looking for new locations to target. You may wish to read our recent Blog about burglars who have revealed what makes certain people and properties easy targets.

Residents in areas experiencing an increase in crime should be on heightened alert for suspicious behaviour and lodge a report to the PSNI if they witness anything suspicious.


A new addition to the family

Whether your new arrival is of the two-legged or four-legged variety, a cute addition to the family is often a reason why households choose to increase their home security.

In fact, many of our customers use our standalone WI-Fi cameras as baby monitors or pet cameras. Our automated home security package allows homeowners to log into their system through an app to view a live feed of what is going on in different areas of the home. So, you can check on the baby from downstairs while the child is asleep in an upstairs room or monitor your new pet while you’re at work.

Nothing provides reassurance like the visual verification that your precious bundle is safe and sound.


Frequent traveling

Those who travel regularly for work may also worry that the home will become a target for burglars.

Dark, vacant homes are much more attractive to thieves than well-lit homes full of people, so having a security system that is monitored around the clock can be immensely reassuring when you’re far from home.

For extra tips on how to keep both you and your home safe when you travel frequently, including home automation features, check out our helpful tips and advice here.


Monitored security systems installation in Northern Ireland 

If you’re currently weighing up your home security options, these common reasons for installing a monitored security system from Advanced Overwatch may provide some food for thought. For a free home security assessment or quote call 028 7087 8077

To arrange a visit click to contact us or order monitored CCTV or Monitored Alarm installation in Northern Ireland call the specialists on 02870 878077 

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