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Home CCTV Installation Guide Northern Ireland

Finding the right fit for a CCTV system for your home can be difficult – and even more challenging to find a comprehensive home CCTV price to help you make an informed decision.

Home CCTV Installation Guide Northern Ireland

If you’re currently looking into house CCTV prices and you want to know what options that are available to you in Northern Ireland, we’ve created this article to help you. We’ll not only provide realistic price ranges for different types of cameras and CCTV systems – we’ll also highlight important aspects you must consider before making that all-important purchase.

You are in safe hands for your home CCTV installation needs in Northern Ireland with Advanced Overwatch. We are the only recommended Dahua installer in Northern Ireland – Dahua are the worlds second largest CCTV manufacturer and as you are choosing a Dahua Key Integrated Partner you are assured for extended warranty, expert installation and extensive home CCTV product knowledge from our expert home CCTV engineers.

You may be wanting to purchase a home CCTV system as a security measure so that you and your family feel safer in your home. If that’s the case, you’ll need a CCTV camera system and a professional CCTV installer you can trust.

The problem is that there is so much choice available that we often don’t have the time to fully investigate different systems on the market and we end up instead choosing to buy the first camera we see to save time. Often these cheap camera systems purchased online end up costing more due to poor footage quality, cameras which are not fit for the purpose intended or don’t last the test of time.

Every single property in Northern Ireland is unique and home owners all have different CCTV requirements. Our customers find that by having a home system designed for their specific requirements helps ensure that the system performs as expected and that the camera systems are installed to the latest standards, offer exceptional value for money and come with a three year warranty. On top of that, when purchasing from a professional CCTV company customers have the backup and support from Advanced Overwatch CCTV and Security Solutions which ensures that any help or assistance needed is available via a quick phone call!


What should you consider before purchasing a CCTV system?

For whatever reasons you have for installing a home CCTV system, you should consider first whether you need internal or external cameras. Perhaps you’ll decide you require both – there is no right or wrong answer as it all depends on your personal circumstances. What is it you want to protect and where will the cameras need to be to see it?

You’ll also think about where you will store footage gathered by the cameras – you could choose a hard drive on your property or in the cloud – at Advanced Overwatch we offer either or a combination of both.

All home CCTV systems which we supply now give our customers the ability to receive notifications and watch live footage via your mobile phone or any other device with internet access. This is perfect if you want to be able to see what is happening at home at certain times or if you just want the peace of mind that everything is well.

With this ability, if anything bad ever happened like as a burglary or fire our customers can receive an alert that something is happening and can instantly check the live footage when you were at work or away from home – you could act immediately by calling the police or fire brigade. It’s not just burglaries you can use CCTV to monitor – you’ll be able to check what your kids are doing in your home while you’re out at work or away. You can also keep an eye on those important online delivery’s arriving at you home or monitor the cold callers.

With all systems supplied our customers can watch live footage and recorded footage of your home from anywhere in the world and some of our home CCTV system options have two-way audio – this will actually project your voice so that you’ll be heard by the people in your home at the time. There are many new and exciting advancements in CCTV technology meaning that we can really customise your system to do exactly what you want it to do.


What are the legal requirements for CCTV at home? You can get government guidance here.

One important factor to consider is camera resolution. If you buy a home CCTV system which records pictures at a resolution lower than 720P, you’ll struggle to see important details such as faces. Resolutions can be confusing which is why we offer a free security survey for your home CCTV requirements. We cut through all of the technical jargon to ensure you receive what you need without needing a degree in video or electronics.

The minimum If you wanted to give the footage to police as evidence for a crime that had taken place is often a consideration as low quality, cheap systems simply won’t be of evidential use – they are low resolution and the footage won’t be sharp enough to help convict the person who burgled your house or damaged your property.

Cameras which record at 1080P give you the high quality results the police will be wanting. You could go one step further by purchasing one of our systems that records in 4K ultra definition.

The resolution of your recording isn’t the only important factor though. If you choose the wrong frame rate, you may struggle viewing details in your recordings. You should aim to buy a home CCTV camera system that records at a minimum of 15 frames per second so that movements and events captured on the footage are natural. Many cheap systems infer that they do this, but when it really matters, and you need the footage some people discover that they have wasted their hard earned money by buying cheap gimic offers online. We help our customers avoid this pitfall.

If you want footage that shows events unfold in ‘real time’, you should choose a system which records at 25 frames per second – this is the only type of system which we offer to our customers as anything less than this is not acceptable in our opinion as professional installers. Be careful though because many budget cameras to not give you an option to manually adjust which frame rate to use if you purchase a DIY CCTV kit.


Basic CCTV system

If you want a basic system, you might want to think about installing between 4 to 8 internal and/or external cameras.

Your cameras are connected to an NVR (Network Video Recorder) with a storage hard drive. If you’re using a hard drive, this type of system usually comes with a minimum of 1TB of hard drive footage – enough storage to record approximately 2 weeks’ worth of footage depending upon the setup. Home CCTV systems at Advanced Overwatch offer the latest in compression technology (.H265) which keeps customer costs as low as possible by halving the amount of space needed to store recordings. This would work well for you if you want to record footage whilst you’re on holiday as the capacity of this system is ideal for the typical length of a holiday.


Wireless home CCTV system 

Wireless CCTV systems have some advantages over wired systems. You have far greater flexibility in the locations where you can place the cameras. However, the technology is still not reliable enough and requires mains power cable to be run to the camera.

Wireless camera systems are more expensive and less reliable than wired systems. They are also susceptible to interference and more easily tampered with.


High-end home CCTV system – IP CCTV for the home

Although it’s not always the case, home CCTV really is a market where the more expensive the system you choose is, the better.

You’ll benefit most from a high-quality, high-specification system.

The installation process for this type of system involves connection to your home’s broadband, minimising the number of cables around your property. This connectivity allows you to watch live footage of your home – a real help if you’re on holiday or even out on a day trip.

It’s always good to have the peace of mind knowing that your home is safe. Furthermore, you can benefit from two-way communication between you and whoever is in your home. This feature can be particularly helpful if you work long shifts and miss a delivery – you can give instructions to leave the package in a secure place for you.

High-end CCTV systems come with full UHD 4K high definition at a high frame rate of 25 fps and upwards so your footage is always of the highest quality and accessible from anywhere as it takes advantage of our free CCTV app – with unlimited use and with no monthly fees. Your footage isn’t just sharp during the day either as our systems have night vision for a crystal clear image for when it’s dark. Although you can choose to receive notifications of movement in and around your home, you aren’t constantly bombarded when family members or households’ pets arrive at your front door as the system comes with smart detection.

There are several high-end CCTV systems on the market, Dahua from Advanced Overwatch being one of the more popular options.


What’s the difference between a low, medium and high-end CCTV system?

Each CCTV system can vary by brand, so it’s important to research the type of camera system you plan to purchase.

The most notable difference between mid-range systems and basic systems is the elimination of wires as this can prove to be a big advantage with IP systems. When installing a mid-range system, we offer our customers greater flexibility in for camera placement.

Although most high-end systems have a monthly or yearly cost alongside an upfront fee, Advanced Overwatch do not charge a monthly fee. High-end systems, such as the Advanced Overwatch Dahua range, feature night vision, two-way communication, facial and pet recognition, notifications to your mobile phone and several other abilities. Only a few of these features are available in mid-range DIY or basic DIY systems so although you face a higher fee you receive multiple advantages with a high-end CCTV system along with professional advice and a tidy, discrete installation. 


How can you save money in home CCTV installation?

Do it once, do it right!. Call Northern Ireland’s professional home CCTV installation company.

Although with the spread of modern technology means lots of cheap camera systems are on the market if you want a system that is actually fit for purpose it is better to have a system installed professionally and designed for your specific requirements.

For example, a self installed DIY system which may appear cheap online means that you can not have police response to your home if the system is monitored. You will also struggle to find a monitoring company who will take on monitoring your cameras if not installed by a professional company.

Camera systems such as Nest are attractive to the DIY enthusiast with its list of benefits including live footage streamed direct to your phone, installing enough cameras to provide full surveillance of your home but these could easily leave you with a hefty annual bill – making this option undesirable for many homeowners particularly when they discover that our systems do everything a NEST system will. And more.


Do you want a free home CCTV installation quote?

As we’ve seen, you can get a DIY home CCTV system online. However, choosing the cheapest system doesn’t mean that it’s going to be right for you and your family, be fit for purpose (despite the reviews which are often before the footage needs to be used in court).

There are so many optional extras that add real value to a CCTV system you can select. It’s better to let a professional company who installs CCTV for a living give you the best advice on the number of cameras, where they’re positioned, the angle of filming / lenses, feedback to either a hard drive or cloud computer, and more.

Advanced Overwatch have the skills, qualifications, experience, and affiliations needed to provide you with the right CCTV system for your home and can do all the CCTV camera fitting for you.

Our home CCTV camera system installers will give you a quote – free of charge along with a free site survey.

To arrange a visit click to contact us or call Northern Ireland’s professional home CCTV system specialists on 02870 878077

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