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Coleraine, Portrush and Portstewart CCTV

How is CCTV is used in the local North Coast and Glens community?

Closed circuit television (CCTV) also referred to as Video Surveillance Systems (VSS) records images of people in certain public places including town centres, roads, public space areas, and on public transport. CCTV images can be used as evidence in court and are an effective deterrent.


CCTV in public places

CCTV systems designed by Advanced Overwatch aim to help prevent and detect crime and assist the emergency services.

Our systems can reassure members of the public and businessess offering a greater level of community safety. Our town centre CCTV systems deployed across towns and cities in Northern Ireland are monitored and maintained, and focus on:

• Providing evidence to relevant enforcement agencies

• Maintaining public order

• Preventing antisocial behaviour and nuisance

• Providing reassurance

• Promotelion of economic well being

Town centre CCTV Cameras record images twenty four hours every day. Highly trained and SIA Certified CCTV operators watch live images at strategic times in our local monitoring station Control Room in Coleraine. When criminal activity, missing persons or other issues are detected on state of the art CCTV cameras, operators direct police or other emergency response to the incident.


CCTV footage as evidence 

CCTV can sometimes be used in court as evidence to prove someone was in a certain place or that they committed an offence.

It can also improve community safety and prevent crime. For example, deterring someone committing a crime like robbery if they know CCTV will record their actions.

To view police guidance on how CCTV is used, go to:


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