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CCTV Range we install awarded ‘Secure by Default’ from Surveillance Camera Commissioner

Ensuring compliance with the ICO and Surveillance Camera Commissioner code of practices for CCTV Installation for our customers is a top priority at Advanced Overwatch.

Dahua’s powerful range of IP-enabled IPC video surveillance products have attained Secure by Default certification from the Surveillance Camera Commissioner.


At Advanced Overwatch, we are a Key Integration Partner with Dahua Technology.

We offer all customers (including Businesses and Public Sector clients) the latest in CCTV technology coupled with a strong focus on GDPR, Data Protection and Privacy through the solutions we tailor for each location in Northern Ireland and across the UK.


What is the Secure by Default scheme?

The Secure by Default scheme helps to ensure the UK’s resilience to cyber security threats, by demonstrating that video surveillance products have minimum security standards to make them secure by default and secure by design. The requirements are an important step in providing assurance for stakeholders that products aren’t vulnerable to cyber attacks.


A word from the Surveillance Camera Commissioner

Congratulating Dahua in self-certifying their products as ‘Secure by Default’, Tony Porter, the Surveillance Camera Commissioner, said:

“The certification mark demonstrates to customers and stakeholders alike that the products listed on my website meet the minimum requirements I expect in terms of cyber-secure surveillance camera products. It’s great that we have a number of proactive manufacturers like Dahua leading the way toward a common goal to develop products that mitigate potential cyber-threats.”

Tony Porter was appointed Surveillance Camera Commissioner in March 2014. He has a combination of business and law enforcement expertise. He is an intelligence specialist (most recently within the financial sector) and retired senior police leader.

Commenting on the recent government initiative, Thomas Tian, Product Director at Dahua UK and IE, said, “It can only be a positive thing for the whole industry that network video devices come out of the box in a secure configuration as this provides minimum vulnerability when they’re first installed. Dahua has invested heavily in making its products less susceptible to cyber attacks and always advocates basic steps in making security systems more secure, such as updating firmware and regularly changing passwords.”


Where can my business find out more about the Secure by Default scheme

Dahua’s listing on the Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s website can be found at:



Secure by Default CCTV installation in Northern Ireland 

If you would like to find out more about our Secure by Default CCTV installations and how we help our customers comply with GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018, contact Advanced Overwatch today. A product specialist will be happy to provide free advice and a demonstration of our range of security products at our offices or at your business.

To arrange a visit click to contact us or to order a Secure by Default security system installation in Northern Ireland call the specialists on 02870 878077

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