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The Benefits of Installing a Burglar Alarm System

It’s a concerning reality that your home or business is at risk of being burgled or broken into. Even if you live in an area that would be classified as safe, you probably have some minor concerns when you leave your property, especially for long periods of time.

A security alarm system can give you some peace of mind as it will provide protection for your possessions and property.

Below we have listed several reasons our customers choose to install a burglar alarm system and why it is beneficial for your home and your business.


Installing an burglar alarm provides enhanced protection for your possessions

An average home in Northern Ireland has a lot of valuable assets not to mention personal photos and gifts which could be stolen. In this day and age there are many valuable possessions that we keep at home and at work such as phones, tablets, laptops, TV’s, games consoles, jewellery and designer clothes which could be sold for a lot of cash. Not to mention, if you have lovely car sitting outside your front door and there is no one home, a thief may break in, find your keys and drive off in it.

If you have a business then you will most likely hold valuable stock, specialised equipment and employee possessions. To add to all these valuable things, your premises may contain sensitive customer information or even company records and plans. A break-in, even if no private or sensitive information happens to be stolen, will most likely cause concerns among your clients and employees. This could result in you losing customers or even possibly workers.

To view information about getting a burglar alarm installed in Northern Ireland, click here. You will find information about our burglar alarm system which we install for customers province-wide and you can also download one of our burglar alarm e-brochures.


Installing an intruder alarm will decrease your insurance premiums

Thieves are looking for the easiest and laziest way that they can get some cash. The more security you have in your home the less likely that anyone will break in because a thief won’t target a secure location. Even the sight of a burglar alarm or CCTV camera will be enough to make intruders move along. Recently we wrote about why burglars in Northern Ireland are deterred by our burglar alarm systems. You can view the information here.

Burglars often seek out ‘easy targets’ and by adding a burglar alarm to your home or business security plan this step can help ensure that your property is less likely to be targeted by thieves.

Installing an intruder alarm system in your home or business will lower the cost of your insurance premiums. The amount of money you save will depend on your insurance provider, but it is possible to save a substantial amount of money on your insurance.


Installing a burglar alarm will give your home a higher value on the market

If you consider selling your house, you obviously want as much money as you can possibly get for it. An easy and beneficial way to boost the value of your property is to have an burglar alarm system. As well as keeping your home a place where you can feel safe, an intruder alarm also contributes to a safer neighbourhood. This is a desirable quality for a house and this will be evident in your asking price.


Installing an intruder alarm will make leaving your home for longer periods of time much easier

Everybody needs a holiday, a period of rest. Sometime just to sit back, kick your feet up and relax. It can be hard to relax while away from your home or business when you have concerns about how secure your valuables are. You can’t really fully relax if this is the case. On the other hand, if your home or workplace has an installed burglar alarm or CCTV system, you can sit back, enjoy your holiday and rest assured that your home is well protected and that everything will be as it was left when you return home.


Installing a burglar alarm (along with CCTV) gives you the capability of remotely monitoring your home

Our burglar alarm security systems can also be equipped with CCTV cameras so that you can check in when you are not present. You can view your property live, in HD 24/7 from your smart phone, tablet or PC. You can also check the status of your burglar alarm system and you will receive instant live alerts from both your burglar alarm system and CCTV system.

This technology would be particularly useful if you have teenagers and you might be concerned as to what mischievous things they will get up to, or you have pets and you are away for the day and you are concerned as to how they are getting on or behaving. Our advanced security systems even include remote arming, this is so you don’t need to worry whether you left the downstairs window or back door open and you can ensure everything is locked up nice and safe. You can also arm and disarm your alarm if you have someone checking in on your property on your behalf without the need to give anyone your alarm access code.


Monitoring for your Burglar Alarm System

At Advanced Overwatch we provide our customers with burglar alarm monitoring and CCTV monitoring. We offer 24/7 monitoring all year round, or short term monitoring for periods of absence when our customers may be on holidays or over periods of time when a business is closed such as public holidays.


A former burglar has revealed how crooks can crack your home in seconds – and how you can stop them.

Ex home-breaker Michael Fraser has written a four-point guide to ensure your valuables stay safe from thieves.

In his guide he has urged people to:

  • Have a burglar alarm and CCTV system
  • Ensure they keep garden tools locked up in their sheds
  • Keep calendars away from the fridge
  • Don’t keep a spare key by the front door
  • Stop bragging about holidays on social media

Michael, 57, fell into a criminal career after getting mixed up with a gang when he was a troubled teenager.

He admits to breaking into scores of homes in the past, but has now turned to help people make sure their properties are safe from thieves. ‘A burglar alarm is great in that it attracts unwanted attention, providing homeowners with peace of mind. But it’s essential to get a good one and have it serviced regularly,’ says Michael.

Michael said that keeping tools locked away is important as home-breakers will often use spades or shears to prise open doors or windows – rather than smash the glass.

He told the Daily Mail: “Most criminals would avoid breaking a window or door panel, as there’s a high risk of cutting yourself and leaving behind traces of DNA, which could lead to their arrest.”

For many families a calendar is a crucial part of keeping on top of domestic life, whether it’s the kids’ half-term dates, doctor’s appointments or trips abroad.

But Michael said they also offer crooks a golden opportunity to find out when you’ll be leaving your house empty and should be kept out of sight. If no burglar alarm or cctv system is in place and a burglar knows when you will be away it can make your home top of the list for a robbery.

He said: “Even if the writing is small and the calendar some distance from the window, a determined criminal could zoom in and take a photo of it on their mobile and then enlarge the image for a better view.”

While it may seem like a good idea to have a spare key near your porch or front door in case of emergencies – Michael also advises against this. He said that a “high percentage” of burglaries happen when homeowners have had work done, with unscrupulous tradesmen passing on information to thieves.

For many people sharing photos on social media is a great way to share memories with friends and family. However, while you’re cherishing the moment – you are also letting thieves know that your house is empty. If a thief approaches your property and doesn’t see a burglar alarm or cctv camera system it presents an easy target to them.

Michael said: “I would never share my holiday snaps on social media, just as I wouldn’t get a taxi to take me to the airport, tipping off the driver, and anyone else he might know, that I’m away.”


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