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Smart Security Solutions: Unveiling the Advantages of a High-Tech Burglar Alarm

Burglary, a word that strikes fear into the hearts of homeowners worldwide. The thought of someone invading our private sanctuary, stealing our cherished possessions, and violating our sense of security is enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine. But in this technologically advanced era, traditional burglar alarms seem outdated and ineffective at deterring the cunning and audacious criminals of today.

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Is your business at risk from lost or stolen keys?

The access control solutions we provide have been installed within critical national infrastructure for a quarter of a century. Clients who use the solution make up a large section of the critical national infrastructure and range across a number of sectors, which include: Water, Defence, Rail, Aviation, Power, Gas, Telecoms, Media, Police, Finance, and Government. Read more

CCTV Security for school and educational locations

Not surprisingly, holidays, weekends and when a school is unoccupied are the most common time for school break-ins and vandalism. Without the watchful eye of staff and coming and going of students, there is little to deter perpetrators. Read more

Benefits of Security Systems during Lockdown

With the vast majority of business premises now closed across the UK and Ireland, as a result of the COVID-19 Lockdown we offer security systems and ways in which business owners can best ensure that their property is protected during these exceptional times.

The outbreak of the Coronavirus and the need for social distancing, has led to all but essential workers now working remotely from home which means that across the country, factories and offices, bars and restaurants, sports and leisure venues and a host of other buildings are now lying empty. Read more

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