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Solar off-grid CCTV System Installation with 24/7 Monitoring

Solar CCTV, a cutting-edge solution available in Northern Ireland that combines the power of solar energy with state-of-the-art technology to provide Advanced Overwatch customers with a fully off-grid solution perfect for protecting building sites, vacant property and locations with no mains electricity or internet. The system can be rapidly deployed, often used to combat building site theft, fly tipping and a range of other scenarios not achievable by other means.

With an emphasis on sustainability and efficiency, our Solar CCTV harnesses the sun’s energy to power the CCTV system – no internet or mains power connection connection is required., making it an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for both urban areas and remote locations.

This revolutionary system not only ensures round-the-clock surveillance but also offers unparalleled flexibility in installation location, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.


Solar CCTV System Equipment available in Northern Ireland

The CCTV monitoring equipment is powered by the solar power generation system and built-in 4G module for remote transmission of CCTV and alert notifications to the control room and customer mobile app.

Excellent performance and long standby time is a key feature of our solution.

The monocrystalline sillicon solar panel and MPPT solar controller provide higher conversion efficiency of sunlight than many other solutions. A high performance lithium battery also supports ultra long standby without any light.

The externally IP rated (IP66) enclosures are designed for all-weather conditions and structural protection being firm and stable, specifically designed for outdoor use.

The PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) camera meets the protection grade of IP67. The system can operate in temperates from minus 40ºC and operate in ultra low light.

Live battery capacity is displayed though the mobile app, which will also provide live and recorded playback in high definition of evidential quality and instrusion alarms are sent in real-time.


Suitable for a range of locations

One of the key advantages of the Advanced Overwatch solar CCTV system is the ability to be installed in remote locations where a traditional power and data source may not be readily available. This opens up a world of possibilities for implementing professional CCTV in areas such as construction sites, agricultural fields, and even off-grid facilities.

Construction sites can greatly benefit from solar CCTV, as they are usually temporary and often lack access to grid electricity. These sites are prone to theft and vandalism, making security a top priority. Solar-powered cameras placed strategically around construction sites not only act as a deterrent but also provide valuable evidence in case of any criminal activities.

Another suitable location for solar CCTV installations is agricultural fields. Farms are typically sprawling areas that stretch over vast rural landscapes with limited access to electrical infrastructure. Implementing solar-powered CCTV ensures that farmers have eyes on their crops and livestock at all times, deterring intruders and monitoring valuable assets remotely.

Off-grid facilities such as remote research centers or wildlife conservation areas can significantly benefit from solar CCTV. These locations often lack access to reliable power sources due to their isolated nature, making them vulnerable to illegal activities or wildlife poaching. By utilising Advanced Overwatch technology powered by solar energy, these organisations enhance security measures without relying on fossil fuels or additional infrastructure.



Call 02870878077 or email info@advancedoverwatch.com to find out more about Northern Ireland’s off-grid CCTV Solar Cameras.

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